5 form templates to use during COVID-19…and beyond

As businesses, schools, and organizations continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some Wufoo forms that could make a big difference for your day-to-day work. These timely templates are ready to use, but they’re also easily customizable—we’ve even included some suggestions to help you collect additional information or insights from your customers, employees, or students. 

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So which Wufoo form templates should you know about right now? We’ve rounded ‘em up so you can check in with the people who matter most and keep everything running smoothly during COVID-19 and beyond.

Volunteer recruitment

For many nonprofits, volunteer support is more important than ever. You can use our volunteer recruitment form to quickly collect people’s contact information and understand how and when they’re willing to invest their time. Of course, you can customize the template to reflect the exact volunteering opportunities you have available. You may also want to add a question about whether your potential volunteers are interested in remote volunteering, in person, or some combination of the two.

Event registration form

You can use this event registration form for all your virtual events and still keep it in the rotation when you’re able to return to in-person events. Personalize it with info on how to access your webinar or whether it’s being recorded for future viewing. We also recommend using our popular integrations for Google Sheets and Zoom to send form entries to a spreadsheet and automatically register people for your virtual event whenever they fill out your form. This will save time and help you create events that are virtual and meaningful. 

Emergency contact and medical Info form

It pays to be prepared! Our emergency contact form allows you to proactively gather the information you need in the event of an emergency. There are fields for names, email, phone, address, as well as medical policy number and special health considerations. The latter can help you create a safer work environment for people with allergies or gain a clearer understanding of those who may be more at risk for COVID-19.

School stress survey

Our school stress survey helps uncover students’ overall stress levels and the challenges they’re facing every day. This kind of check-in is a good idea for any school year, but it’s extra relevant given the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on students’ mental health. 

The template asks students to evaluate a series of statements such as “I cannot pay attention in class” or “I have too many assignments.” You may want to update with additional statements that are specific to virtual learning or returning to the classroom, so that you can better understand how students feel about the current situation.

COVID school stress survey for students

Takeout Order Form

The coronavirus pandemic has necessitated a major shift to takeout orders. If your restaurant is new to takeout, our form can ease the way by collecting all the info you need—from order to payment. If your restaurant is working with an abbreviated menu right now, you can personalize the form to include exactly what’s available, so customers can quickly figure out what they want. You can also embed your form directly on your website, so customers are sure to see it whenever they look you up.

Is your business more retail than restaurant? Wufoo can still help you collect online payments and make the most of our payment integrations.

More templates await, and they’re useful now and in the future. Browse our full forms gallery or learn more about some of our most popular templates. And if you’re inspired to start from scratch, building a form is easy!


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