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Step 1: Compare PayPal plan types to see which is right for your business. Step 2: Sign up for Wufoo and enable payments for your form. Step 3: Profit.

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A quick look at Wufoo’s PayPal integrations

We’ve got 3 PayPal integrations to choose from, each with varying features, flexibility, 
and support. Here’s a quick snapshot of each. Questions about our integration features?

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Gateway PayPal PayPal Payments Pro PayPal Payflow Pro
Monthly fee $0 $30 $25?$99 one-time setup fee
Per-transaction fee 2.9% + $0.30 2.9% + $0.30 $0.10 + merchant account fees
Merchant account included
Multi-currency support
Countries 203?AU, CA, UK, US, and more 3?AU, UK, US 4?AU, CA, NZ, US
In-form payments -
Recurring billing
- -
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Which PayPal plan is right for your business?

Here’s a quick breakdown of Wufoo’s 3 PayPal integrations to help you decide.

Use PayPal Standard if you…

  • Need the fastest, easiest setup and least expensive PayPal integration

  • Don’t mind that customers are directed away from your site to pay

  • Accept payments from around the world in many different currencies

Use PayPal Payments Pro if you…

  • Mainly do business in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada

  • Want a fully-integrated payment page so customers never leave your site

  • Need a merchant account included for easier, faster setup

Use PayPal PayFlow Pro if you...

  • Prefer to choose your own merchant account for greater flexibility

  • Want a fully-integrated payment page so customers never leave your site

  • Need to completely customize the checkout experience, offering customers the most ways to pay

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How to integrate Wufoo and PayPal

Just sign up or sign in to Wufoo, select your existing form or create a new one, and enable payments for that form.

Each payment gateway has slightly different one-time information requirements, 
but all of our integrations are easy to set up.

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Connect your Wufoo and PayPal payment gateway accounts to start processing credit cards and accept online payments today. Wufoo offers 3 PayPal integrations: PayPal Standard, PayPal Payments Pro, and PayPal Payflow Pro. Not sure which PayPal plan to choose? Compare PayPal plans with our handy chart. Each PayPal payment gateway account has its pros and cons regarding ease of setup, flexible merchant accounts, features, and more. Once you’ve chosen your PayPal integration, it’s easy to integrate Wufoo and PayPal.