Project management tips: 6 ways to use Asana + Wufoo

Propelling your project management to a whole new level starts with being savvy about your team’s go-to tools. 

Asana is a project management tool that helps you plan and coordinate projects, hit your goals, and keep an eye on every detail. Wufoo is a data intake tool that allows you to collect the info you need to do business and solidify customer relationships. When you combine the two, courtesy of our handy Asana integration, you get a workflow powerhouse. 

So what does that mean for your team’s projects and tasks? There are endless ways to use Wufoo and Asana together, but we’ll home in on a few ideas to show you how you can use this integration to streamline your work. Get inspired, get the integration, and get your initiatives up and running in no time!

1. Optimize creative briefs

Outlining the overall strategy and goals of a creative project is key to its success. If your team regularly uses creative briefs, you can use Wufoo to improve how you collect that information and take action. 

Build a creative brief form with Wufoo so relevant stakeholders can use it to submit creative requests. Then, use the Asana integration to automatically create a task when a form is submitted. That way, creative briefs will quickly get on the right person’s radar and tasks will be distributed up to all the key players. And if your creative team is used to working on projects through Asana, this will help make documentation and resources available all in one place.

2. Track bugs and issues

How does your IT team track and attack bugs? You can use Wufoo and Asana to smooth out the process and solve problems even faster. Start by using our Bug Tracker form to collect bug reports, along with the details and screenshots that will help clarify the issue. You can then set up a bug tracking project in Asana and turn your form responses into tasks. 

You can add the same kind of convenience to your internal issue tracking. Use our Issue Tracking form to log IT issues and requests, then track project progress in Asana to hold everyone accountable for finding fast and effective solutions.

3. Follow up on contact requests

Embedding a contact form on your website can make a huge difference in how you interact and form relationships with clients, prospects, and customers. But what happens once the requests come in? 

Sure, you can create new contacts with the Salesforce integration or send a prompt auto-reply email with the Gmail integration. But the Asana integration allows you to dig even deeper into specific next steps and set up tasks based on how someone filled out your form. Assign specific  prospects to specific representatives. Or send customer feedback to the right team and ensure that it’s addressed and acknowledged. Solid communication strengthens your brand and reputation, so it pays to act quickly on contact requests—and to have the resources to help you do it.

4. Diversify your content calendar

A lot of folks use Asana to manage their blog content production and keep track of publication deadlines—there’s even an Asana-approved editorial calendar template. For a fun way to generate relevant content ideas, you could try building a Wufoo survey that asks users to indicate which broad topics they’d most like to see covered on your blog. (Psst! Don’t forget to include a fill-in-the-blank option for respondents to supply their own answer.) You can then turn those ideas into tasks, and assign the appropriate writer and deadline.

5. Simplify online orders

From t-shirts to takeout, Wufans love using Wufoo to manage online orders. Wufoo helps you collect requests, payment info, and everything else you need to prepare and fulfill orders. The beauty of teaming Asana with those order forms is that you can streamline the process even further. For example, you could send payment information to your billing department or the number of items ordered to team members who track inventory. Then, assign tasks from there to make sure you keep up with current orders and future demand. 

6. Manage applications

It takes a detail-oriented team to collect, assess, and respond to applications—that goes for everything from job applications to grant applications. And while Wufoo can definitely help with the actual receiving of forms, Asana can take the baton and run with it. Manage the interview process and assign interviewers to candidates. Track submissions, as well as which candidates have received notifications on their progress. Reviewing applications can feel like a big responsibility, but syncing Wufoo and Asana can make it more manageable.

Did you know? Asana has its own guide to using the Wufoo + Asana integration—check it out here.

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