Google Forms vs. Wufoo: Which is better for you?

Using forms for more than planning a potluck? Wufoo is the best Google Forms alternative for people who need a faster, easier way to create online forms that go beyond the basics.

Feature breakdown: Google Forms vs. Wufoo

Web forms. It’s what we work on all day, every day. Google has a form builder too. Compare Wufoo and Google Forms to see which will help you meet your goals.

Features Wufoo Google
Professional form templates 15
Customizable forms Google Forms offers 15 colors to choose from and the ability to add header images to forms.
Field/question types 9
Collect online payments Not available
Customizable charts & reporting Not available
Upload files & attachments Not available
Spam prevention (CAPTCHA) Not available
Drag and drop interface Not available
Collaboration Chat with friends or colleagues and edit the forms together in real time.
256-bit SSL Not available
Full HTML code Not available
Conditional logic Not available
Mobile responsive Not available

If Google Forms is always free, why use Wufoo?

Maybe you didn’t know, but Wufoo is also free. When you sign up for Wufoo’s free plan, you get access to our 400+ templatesas well as powerful analytics and reporting.

Plus, Wufoo keeps you organized—we’re integrated with many of the most popular online tools, so you can manage your form entries and day-to-day business data and tasks all in one place.

5 things Wufoo can do that Google Forms can’t

Here’s why Wufoo is a great Google Forms alternative: Wufoo has features designed for people who need to do more than collect answers and look at the results. Whether you’re a marketer, run your own business, or just about anyone else, there are many ways to use Wufoo that go beyond what Google Forms can do.

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Wufoo’s expert-designed and internally created form templates from surveys to online order forms, all professional, and all ready to go. User-created Google form templates are available from different sources and can be shared and accessed by Google users in Google Drive. Wufoo has 18 different field types, including options to upload documents and accept payments, while Google Forms only has 9 different field types with basics like time and date. With Wufoo, you can collect online payments through popular online payment providers like PayPal, Stripe, and from your form’s users. Google Forms do not offer payment integrations. Choose from customizable graphs, charts, numbers, text, and datagrids for powerful reporting that visualizes all of your data. Meanwhile, Google Forms has non-customizable, default bar graphs, pie charts, and text displays. Wufoo forms accept file and attachment uploads, and Google Forms does not allow you to perform file and attachment uploads. Wufoo has a smart CAPTCHA system that helps detect and deter form abuse.