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Tracking Templates

Spreadsheets for inventory and tracking purposes are so yesterday. Instead of a spreadsheet, you need a Wufoo tracking form to keep tabs on inventory, host evaluations, file addresses, or even to record your exercise habits.

Use Wufoo's pre-designed (and brilliant) online tracking templates, or create your own. We've created tracking forms for employee evaluations, music collections, home inventories, and to-do lists. (Plus many more!) Grab a tracking form and host it on your website, email it out, or use it for your own personal tracking needs. Because Wufoo's forms live in the cloud, you'll never have to worry about losing your form. You can even let multiple users access the form, which will give people a way to update the forms in real-time.Customize the form to your liking, adding and subtracting the fields that work best for your needs.