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Education forms 101:
How to power your school with Wufoo

Pop quiz: What do school admin, educators, and students have in common? They all use education forms to capture crucial info, stay organized, and earn an A for Awesome.

Enable everyone in your school to do their best work

Pencils down, everyone. It’s time to cut out unnecessary paperwork and manual data entry. Here’s how everyone at your school can use education forms to make the grade.

University and school admin

Use education forms to register students, intake and organize students info, collect fees, capture parent and student feedback, plan school events, and much more.

  • Easy, intuitive features—no coding or IT help required
  • Customize forms to represent your school or university
  • Get a multi-user account for complete data control and security


Need a better way to accept files from students? Input and calculate grades? Teachers use education forms for a smoother way to plan—and track progress.

  • Easily collect files in many formats from students
  • Export your data to Excel, CSV, and other formats for easy reporting
  • Accept online payments for tutoring, consulting, or other services

Students and parents

Send surveys to collect data for research projects, then use Wufoo’s analytics to gain insights and build reports. Plus, take notes and stay organized.

  • Use conditional logic and branching for multi-page, smart surveys
  • Analyze form data with our dynamic analytics for research insights
  • Customize forms with HTML and CSS to build your own website

We’ve got your back

Browse our how-to Wufoo Guides or visit our Help Center to experience our award-winning customer support.

How smart schools are using Wufoo

Education form tips and resources

Need a little inspiration for your education forms? Check out our guides for step-by-step tutorials on everything Wufoo, from the basics to advanced customization techniques. Or study our curated resources below to get started.

  • Top academic education forms for educators

    We’re big supporters of all things academic at Wufoo. And as a small token of our huge gratitude to all of you, we’ve compiled a shortlist of top educational templates designed to make your life in the classroom easier.

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  • How to create practice quizzes and tests

    Learn how to build an online quiz or test using Wufoo. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a dynamic, online quiz that’s easy to grade and reacts to students’ choices so they can see why their selection is right or wrong.

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  • Easily build your own faculty or student website

    Since a Wufoo form can act as a standalone web page, add all of the information your website needs at the top of a Wufoo form page. Then, customize it so the finished product functions and looks like a website should.

    Read more ›
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Teachers, students, administration, IT staff...everybody knows there aren't enough hours in the day to get all the things done you would like to. Wufoo can help you get some of those hours back by staying organized and making building forms and reports easy! Anybody can use Wufoo. It is powerful software, but you don't need any special training to use it. With our User Management system, you can give your staff their own logins and empower them to build forms and reports for their own needs. You count on your IT staff to keep your computers up and running and help other staff and students do what they need to do on computers. These valuable people are also often leaned upon to create and maintain the software systems used by the school.