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Well, Hello cc: and bcc - New Feature!

By Praveen Chandran · June 16th, 2016

Notifications, notifications, notifications. They’re key to staying on top of your form entries after you deploy a form.

You want to know as soon as the entries start rushin’ on in. Why? So you can take fast action on all those hot entries of yours, of course. Thus far, you’ve probably relied on setting up basic email and text notifications. Or maybe a notification based on the value of a form entry, oooorr even get custom notifications using our Webhooks integration.

So guess what? We’ve kicked up our notifications capabilities up a notch. Say hello to cc and bcc capabilities, form fans. You can find these handy little fields in Form Settings for confirmation emails, notifications (when you use “customize notification email” option) and in Form Rules.

Confirmation Email

Notification Settings

Form Rules

Now it’s guide time! Read. And learn.

2 quick tips for making your notifications more awesome with cc/bcc

  1. Mark the special email address of your CRM like Salesforce in bcc of your notification or confirmation email so that it gets recorded towards the appropriate lead or contact in the CRM. Most top CRMs support this email forwarding feature with special email addresses.

  2. Send the notification email or confirmation email to specific team members in cc or bcc. These emails can also be based on pre-defined values in the form rules to help with simple workflow management within your team.

Now cc/bcc on! Let us know what you think.

Please share your use cases of using cc and bcc with us in the Comments section.

Using CSS to Maximize Your Form’s Max Quantities

By Kane Stanley · June 2nd, 2016

The Max Quantities feature is one of our more recent releases and we reckon it’s a bit fantastic. It’s a nifty little one that allows you to limit the number of times an option can be picked in a form. If a customer is filling out a field with this applied, they’ll see exactly how many times that option can be picked. It’ll look a little bit like this:


Not too shabby, eh? However, not everyone would be a fan of showing how many t-shirts they have left. It’s not possible to directly get rid of the text showing this, but being the superhero that it is, CSS is around to save the day. With CSS it’s possible to target that piece of text, shoot it with some laser eyes and send it fleeing from the form. Or to avoid the action scene metaphor, it’s possible to hide it. The CSS is mega simple as well. Check it out:

Wufoo CSS

Not a massive amount to talk about with that. The colour of the text has just been made transparent, which will make it disappear from the form. When applied, it’ll look like this:

Wufoo CSS

Looks like CSS has defeated the villain with one swift and beautiful move. All of those options still have the max quantities applied, but only small shirts, which have run out of stock will show the amount remaining. That way the user isn’t a bit confused when they can’t pick the small shirt they so desperately want. The same fate would be in store for the other shirts, if they were to run out of stock.

What’s that? You want the text for out of stock options to be gone as well and you need CSS to cancel its holiday to help you again? That’s chill. Just add a tiny bit more CSS. Check it out:

Wufoo CSS

You will notice when the option has been disabled and will once again hide the text from the form. When applied, it’ll look like this:

Max Quantities

Another job well done for CSS. Saving lives one character at a time!

Questions for Kane? You know where to go!

Celebrating 10 Years: Announcing New Themes

By Praveen Chandran · June 2nd, 2016

Yep, it’s official.

We just completed 10 years of happily serving our customers and we look forward to serving you for many more years in the future. Our 10th year anniversary was made even more special thanks to this.

Again, thanks tons for giving us the opportunity to serve you. To kick celebrations off, we’ve started rolling out a series of changes that’ll help you create even more awesome forms for whatever your needs may be.

So let’s get to it—hello, Themes. Selecting a designed Theme for your form not only dazzles things up for your customers but it can help build trust—just another reason for them to willingly fill out your form, and we’ve got six new themes for you to choose from.

Fonts are bigger and easier to read and on mobile. Rounded corners, razor-sharp edges, no borders, new colors, shadowing—there are a bunch of different design tactics we developed to make your forms stand out. Here’s where to find them:

Wufoo Themes

Take a gander at Kingfisher and Periwinkle:

Kingfisher Periwinkle

And because we’re Wufoo wizards, these new themes will magically appear among your list of existing Themes. If you’re in a rush though, pick just one and make your form look great.

Never explored how to customize logos? Or adding your own custom Theme? You know what to do—click both those hyperlinks and get going, form fans. Heads-up: These six new themes can’t be customized when using our Themes Manager. Minor formatting challenges may pop up if you use with custom themes keywords. Why? It’s not considered a best practice to use columns in form design.

This is just the beginning of many more cha-cha-changes to be expected from Wufoo, including additional Themes, so please stay tuned.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Leave questions, comments, or your fave memes in the Comments below.

Announcing Updates to Form Manager

By Praveen Chandran · May 23rd, 2016

Form Manager is one of the core parts of Wufoo with which you interact every day. When you logged into your Wufoo account today, you may have noticed a few significant changes in the Form Manager. Trust us—that’s intentional!

We chose to give a long overdue refresh (or makeover if you will) to the Form Manager. Doing this also set the stage for a series of additional changes and new features in the Form Manager still to come. Keep us honest with that and keep an eye on your Form Manager or here on the blog in the next few months for update tidbits.

So you may be saying to yourself—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Don’t worry, we’re a fan of that motto too. You’ve let us serve you with fantastic form service for the past 10 (eep!) years so as a big fat Thank You—we’re helping you get to your most favorite form functions even faster. Faster is better.

Now let’s dive into all this change, shall we? Hit it.

1. Bigger everything

Over the last 10 years, the dinosaurs at Wufoo have grown bigger and so have the size of your monitors. However, Form Manager has always remained small leaving plenty of prime real estate un-used. That changes now. We chose to expand the size of the Form Manager. Along the way, we also made the fonts bigger so that you don’t have to go searching for a magnifying glass when looking at our Form Manager.

2. Reminders on form status

You have a business to run, customers to focus on and other important things to take care of. We get it. So, to help you be more productive without remembering the little details, we added noticeable reminders to forms that have not been shared yet. These reminders will help get your forms in front of your customers and start collecting data on your end even sooner.

01. Share Form

3. Visual indicators

As you’re scanning through the list of forms, in the past, it was hard to differentiate between public and private forms. Hello to today! Now you have two visual indicators to scan and pick out private forms much faster. 1. The form icon will be grayed out for private forms. 2. The share option will be grayed out and will not be clickable for private forms. Fast and furious indeed!

02. Visual indicators

4. No more “hover over”

Some of you have said that it’s distracting to have the form options pop-up even when you casually hover over form name. Additionally, the need to hover over to view form options made the experience cumbersome in tablets. We got rid of the requirement to hover over and instead display the menu options right next to the form name. Boom—faster navigation when on desktop and using tablets.

5. All your favorites grouped under “Edit”

Edit, view, rules, notifications and integrations are the options most accessed by our users. Grouping them together under Edit menu would help you get to these most-used options much more quickly.

03. Edit Form

6. “More” really does give you more value

In the past, you had to get to the share page in order to access API information. In other words, the access to API was tricky. Come on, this is not a treasure hunt. The API information and other important features like duplicate, delete, make a form private or public and add password (only for public forms) now live under the More menu.

04. More Menu

7. Get to your entries faster

You do all the hard work creating, designing and deploying your forms to collect data. Shouldn’t you be able to get to this data quickly? The Entries menu is here to serve all your data and analytics needs. With the options in this menu, you should be able to get to form analytics and view all the form entries.

05. Entries Menu

We also display the total number of entries and number of entries today right next to the form name. Yep, one less click to get to stats on entries.

06. Number of entries

8. Future changes

These changes are just the beginning, form fans. They’re meant to be stepping stones towards adding important features like organizing forms into folders, taking bulk actions on forms and more. Again, keep an eye out.

Our goal is to make creation and deployment of form with Wufoo fast, fun and easy. We believe these changes and the updates planned in the near future will help accomplish this objective. We definitely like to hear your thoughts on these changes. Please share your thoughts, comments and suggestions with us!

How to Use Forms for Effective Project Management

By Kayte Korwitts · May 12th, 2016

It’s been a bit since we’ve featured one of our rad (do people still say that?) customers on the blog here. Sharing use case stories are not only the best ways for us to spotlight your rad-ness but we believe it’s also just a great way to get tips from your fellow form fun people.

You’re not alone out there. And no matter what industry or field you work in, online forms can help. So why not help each other out? Read up on how a market research firm relied on us to streamline and smooth out some projects with a pretty specific focus.

Then send us your story. Leave a comment or tweet at us. We’d love to hear from you.

And now—give a warm welcome to Joanna Jones of InterQ Research.

Wufoo InterQHere at InterQ, we’re in the business of doing qualitative and quantitative research.

Qual-what? Ah, excuse our jargon.

Basically, we conduct focus groups, interview customers/potential customers, and even do a little UX work that includes biometrics and customer journey mapping.

Essentially, we’re in the business of people-to-people research. We help companies refine their products before they launch them, and we work with existing companies to improve their brands, marketing, and products.

Focus groups are an especially popular methodology that we use, and recently, we had a project that required an upfront questionnaire before we could assemble the focus groups. Naturally, we turned to Wufoo to help us out. Here’s how their super-easy-to-use forms totally enhanced our project and made it much more awesome.

Web Site Visitor Survey

We were going to be discussing a website for a focus group project in order to help our client enhance all sorts of things—content, flow, navigation and so on. We ran into a bit of a sticky issue however: We needed to make sure that all of the focus group participants (64 of them, broken into 8 groups of 8) were familiar with the site before we had our group discussion. How to do this? How to do this??

We thought and thought about it. And then we settled on a brilliant plan.

Brilliant plan below

Long story short—we decided to launch a brief survey that we’d send to the focus group participants prior to the actual groups. By asking the participants to answer specific questions about the website, we’d be able to ensure that they were familiar with the content before we assembled everyone and got their feedback. We called it homework. But, like, the fun kind.

So full disclosure: Here at InterQ, we’re pretty rad (yes, people do still use rad) at doing qualitative research, but we’re not so rad at writing code. Actually, it’s downright intimidating. But no worries. Wufoo has pre-made templates that we could choose from for our homework exercise.

The Web Site Visitor Survey was perfect for our purposes. Check it out.

Wufoo InterQ

As mentioned, we’re not savvy when it comes to writing code or programming. Fortunately, Wufoo’s forms make it super easy with their drag ’n drop functionality. We chose the form, and then we were able to easily customize it based on our specific survey needs. We asked people to go to the website, and then we had them fill in specific questions (both multiple choice and open-ended) to ensure that they actually spent time poking around the site. At the end, we dropped in an Email and Name section to help us track who had filled out the form:


Putting it all together: Analyzing the results

Prior to conducting the focus groups, we needed to keep track of who had filled out the homework assignment, and, as a bonus, we were able to learn a bit more about each participant by reading through their responses. Wufoo’s Reporting Manager feature made this super handy:

Wufoo InterQ

In the Report Manager, we could go in and get detailed views of not only the answers to the survey questions, but we could also see where people lived by region, what kinds of software they used to fill it out, and how many responses we were getting by day. We then exported the data to a spreadsheet to make it easy to share and analyze amongst our team.

Wufoo InterQ

So easy. SO easy.

Wufoo’s Form Gallery, Drag ‘n Drop functionality, and Report features took a huge burden off of our project management logistics. We were able to develop our focus group homework assignment surveys in a short period of time, direct participants to the survey through a link, and analyze the results with just a few clicks.

By setting up the survey process through Wufoo, we ensured that all 64 of our focus group participants visited the website we were discussing for the project. All this enabled us to have a fruitful, productive set of focus groups that yielded transformative insights for our client.

Need qualitative research done? Check out InterQ’s website page to learn more about their work and process.

Newbie Series: How to Share Your Form (and More!) with LinkedIn

By Laura Grimbergen · May 3rd, 2016

LinkedInHey there, form fans! Have you ever wanted to know about all the ways you can share your Wufoo form? Good, you’re in luck.

There are tons of ways to share your Wufoo form with the world. Today, I’m going to walk you through sharing your form on LinkedIn, because we’re cool and professional like that. The possibilities of using LinkedIn to share your form are endless—-generating leads, collecting customer feedback, polling connections, and more.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Choosing the right form link for you

Before you can share your form on LinkedIn, you’re gonna need a URL to link to your form (crazy, right?). On our Share page, you’ll find 2 types of links you can use to share your form directly. One is the title URL which is based on your form title and WILL change if you tweak your form title, so be careful.

Share page title URL

The other is the permanent URL - this is a unique URL that stays the same even if you change the form title.

Share page permanent URL

We recommend using the permanent URL to give you the most flexibility in case you feel like changing up your title. Any URLs you add to a LinkedIn update get shortened anyway, so we think a permanent URL is the way to go. To use either a permanent or title URL, click on the green Copy link button below the URL, and paste away.

Linking to your form on LinkedIn

Let’s say you’re hiring for a new position and you want to poll your connections for their best interviewing tips n’ tricks. One way to do that is to post a LinkedIn update with your form link. Head over to your LinkedIn homepage and click on Update status in the upper left.

Writing LI status update with instructions

Paste in your form link, add a witty caption, and let those responses come rolling in.

LI status update done

You can also share a form directly from your LinkedIn profile. Under the Summary tab, you can easily add a link to your form by clicking on the square icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Summary LI form with instructions

Paste in your form URL, write a catchy description so people know what they’re looking at and boom—-you’ve got a form on your LinkedIn profile. You can also link to your form directly from one of your job descriptions using the same steps. Cool, eh?

Congrats, Newbies—you now you have one more social media channel in your form-sharing toolkit.

For more social media forms goodness, check out how to share your forms on Facebook and Twitter here. Form on!

What We’ve Learned, What it Means for You, and Thank You

By Renee Morris · April 26th, 2016

TrustRadius_storyIt’s no secret that we care a lot about you, dear customers. Nay, we love you and we’re not shy about sharing that love either. Our team’s goal is to make your form-building lives easier, help build your businesses and well, you know, we want to help you make the web a better place. Not too much to ask, right?

Now when we learned that a 2016 Top Rated badge was recently awarded to us by TrustRadius—one of the most trusted review sites for business technology—we’ll be honest…it felt pretty darn great. Thanks for the love. All of us on the Customer Support team work hard to make sure Wufoo is fast, easy, and fun.  So it means the world to us to know that our hard work really is making Wufoo great for all of you.

We’d love to take a quick minute and call out a few of the feedback trends shared by our users on TrustRadius:

  1. Sense of Humor: Life is better when you can laugh about it. And as it turns out, that’s also the case with form-building software. “Sense of humor. In times when we needed customer support, we were always left grinning at the tongue in cheek nature of the feedback or instructions if something seemed wrong.”
  1. Hands-On Support: People learn in many different ways, but one of the most effective is demonstration. When it’s easier to teach by showing instead of telling, we’re happy to put on our form-building gloves and dive in with you help get you started.  “In certain instance, they would even create a form (in my account) to demonstrate the solution.”
  1. Fast Answers: We’re a small, dedicated team bridging two continents and we do our best to answer your questions within a few hours. Picture an international relay race where everyone’s firing off helpful emails left and right—except with dinosaurs. “I would email them a question and they never failed to respond in less than a few hours.”
  1. Commitment to Helping Customers: While our Help Center is full of awesome tips, we can’t always anticipate every question before it arrives. That’s where the Customer Support team gets a chance to shine. We’re committed to helping customers through the entire form-creation process and we’re always up for a challenge. “It is sometimes hard to find the answers in the documentation library for advanced issues; but the “ask support” option has always helped.”
  1. Personal Touch: If it wasn’t already clear, we really love our Wufoo community. One of our favorite traditions that’s been around since Wufoo’s earliest days is writing personalized thank you cards to our loyal customers. Every week, we all take a little time together to draft, decorate, and mail out hand-written notes to a handful of Wufoo users. This tradition encourages us to spend some time away from our computers, reflecting on our customers, our roles, and our team. And as a bonus, we’re teaching millennials how the United States Postal Service works (it’s like email, but analog).

Big big thanks goes out to TrustRadius for capturing the authentic voice of our customers and from the bottom of our hearts, form on!

Sit Back and Let and Wufoo Do Work for you

By Eric Van Susteren · April 19th, 2016

automate.ioYou don’t have to hide it, we understand. We know you probably use lots of apps other than Wufoo: email, CRM, marketing, team collaboration, payments, you name it.

When you create a Wufoo form, it’s easy to set up email notifications or link the form to your MailChimp or Salesforce accounts (among many others). It’s a cinch! Just check out the form notification settings page for your form.

But what if you could do much more than that? What if you could integrate Wufoo with lots of other cool apps you use, and make them do your bidding without lifting a finger?

Don’t just trigger an email—send a Slack notification to your sales rep, automatically add the information from the form to your CRM or send send a personalized auto-reply to your customer.

Yep, it’s possible when you use and Wufoo together.

You can create your custom integration between Wufoo and any of your other apps in just minutes. You don’t need any programming experience to do it. You can create simple 1-to-1 integrations or more advanced workflows involving multiple apps.


What You Can Do

Simple Automation

  • When someone fills a form, create a contact in your CRM or marketing app.
  • Send a personalized auto-reply using your Gmail.

Multi-app Workflows

  • Send an automated sequence of emails (drip emails) without the need of an email marketing software.
  • Gather form entries into Google Sheets, get notified in Slack and then add them to your CRM.

Here’s How to Get Started

  1. You’ll need an account with Wufoo and, both have free and paid plans.
  2. Create your form with Wufoo.
  3. Sign up on Add Wufoo and your apps in your account.
  4. Create a Bot, with Wufoo form submission as the starting point, and define the automated actions you want to do in your other apps.
  5. Sit back and relax! does all the heavy lifting when it comes to shuttling your valuable contact information into your CRM, or assigning them to the proper campaign.

You give the instructions, and makes it happen with zero coding and zero downtime. Even complex workflows like drip feed campaigns ensure that the contact gets exactly what they need to help them make an informed, confident buying decision.  

It really is that easy - Try it now!

As always, hit us up with questions on any of our integrations in the Comments section below!

Happy Tax Season! How to Keep Track of Your Expenses

By Cody Curry · April 7th, 2016

Tax TipsHey there, fellow dinosaurs. If you’re like me, you probably have a little too much money on your hands this time of year. But don’t worry at all: the IRS is here to help.

It’s open season on taxes here in the states, and Wufoo can help you keep track of all those expenses and receipts like a pro.

Oftentimes, we think of forms when we think of collecting information from someone else. Sometimes though, we can turn the lens around and use Wufoo to collect and organize details about ourselves!

If you’re a small business owner or independent contractor, you might want to keep your business expenses separate from your personal expenses. If you like to keep a personal budget, you can do that too. Here’s how we’ll do it.

First we’re going to want to make a form to collect all of those juicy details about our budget and personal spending.

The best way to do this is to consider this question: What do I buy? Everyone’s answer to this is going to be a bit different. Here’s what I came up with:


As you can see, I have all the important categories nailed down. Now let’s go build it! Head over to Wufoo, and create a new form. The most important bits of information I wanted to track are:

  • Type of expense
  • Price
  • Date of transaction

I’m going to use our Price field to track the cost of each expense. This will let me enter any amount I want, and track that number in the Entry Manager. To track each category of expense, I’ve used a Dropdown field. That way, I can come back later and add new Categories if I find they’re a bit lacking.

For those pesky paper receipts, you can use our File Upload field to upload a picture as soon as you get them by using your phone’s camera. In fact, I keep a bookmark to this form on my own personal device so I can log all of those expenses as soon as I make the purchase. Yes, I enjoy things like this.


If you’re eager to take this one step further, take a look at our Dropbox integration. With this integration, all of those receipts will end up in one folder in Dropbox. They’ll make for a very intriguing slideshow too, so be sure to share that folder with everyone you know! (Don’t actually do that, for friendship’s sake.)

Once you have all of your expenses tracked in Wufoo, it’s easy to use our Report Builder to visualize all of the purchases you’ve made. If you like, you can even export all of your data into your favorite spreadsheet program to sum everything up! Or…

For some spreadsheet-packed dinosaur-themed master-level formjitsu, you can save all of your entries in Wufoo directly into Google Sheets using Zapier. WHAT. Yep, it’s the truth. You can learn a bit more about Zapier’s connection between Wufoo and Google Sheets right over here.

Once you have this connection created, you’ll have a beautiful list of all your expenses saved directly in Google Sheets. This means you can use that information to do calculations, create pivot tables, and learn all sorts of fascinating things about your spending habits. But if you ask me, some things may be better left unseen.

Questions, comments for Cody? Let him know below and yep, he’ll answer!

Sneak Peek Into What’s New at Wufoo

By Michael Lim · April 6th, 2016

New BeginningsAs many of you have already noticed, we’ve been rolling out some changes to Wufoo. As we approach our 10th birthday, we’re excited to highlight the recent updates and give you a little preview of what’s coming next.

New background

The most obvious change is probably the new background. We’ve opted for a simpler style this time, removing the old yellow stripes. This is a big step towards our plans to bring a fresh look and feel to Wufoo.

Easy Form Builder access

Clicking on a form title in the Form Manager now takes you directly to the Form Builder. This is a great way to make some quick changes or additions to a form. You can still access the Form Builder through the Edit button under the form as well.

Got new entries? Find them fast!

If you’ve gotten some new entries in the last day, the Form Manager displays a count of those entries next to the form title. To make it even easier to check on your latest entries, clicking the green Entries notification will now take you straight to the Entry Manager. As before, you can also continue to use the Entries button under the form.

Quickly share or embed a new form

After saving your changes in the Form Builder, we provide some handy links to help you take the next step in preparing your form. Our latest addition to these options is a direct link to your form’s Share page. Since this is the best place to find all of the options for sharing or embedding your form, it felt only natural to make the Share page only a click away from the Form Builder.

Updated Share page

The Share page has been updated before but we’ve got some new ideas that we’re getting ready to roll out. As with the rest of the changes, the focus will be on helping to streamline your workflow and making it easier to find the most commonly used features.

Form Manager design and layout

The Form Manager is where many of you spend a lot of time, and we’re hoping to make that time a little more enjoyable and productive. We’ll be looking at ways to better organize some of the existing features and continuing to make the Form Manager a little easier on the eyes. The new design should also make it easier for us to adapt and expand the Form Manager to accommodate any additional changes in the future.

As always, our goal is to make building online forms fast, easy, and fun. We hope these updates will help with that goal, and we’d love to hear what you think too. If you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions, please share them with us!

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