In case you missed it! Wufoo’s 2016, inspired by you

‘Tis the season for highlight reels and nog. Lots of nog. In addition to partaking in holiday cheer, we’re thinking about how grateful we are to customers like you. For 10 years, you’ve inspired us to do our best work. And this year was no different–from product and design improvements to celebrating our partners. So without further ado, here’s a roundup of our 2016, dedicated to you!

1. Celebrating 10 years of Wufoo – Did you know that Wufoo’s 10 years old? After millions of customers, forms and entries, we’re going stronger than ever, thanks to the overwhelming support from amazing customers like you. We looked back at the top 10 critical moments that defined our journey, and, of course, celebrated the only way we know–with crazy fun events.

Team Wufoo circa 2016

2. A new template gallery to usher in a new era of forms – Who wants to build an online form template from scratch? If you’re like most, you probably just want to start using your form right away. So we added a bunch of new templates our popular Form Template Gallery, improved the search function, and gave our design a complete facelift.

3. Website design refresh – “Enough with the yellow stripes already!” you told us. And we listened. Whether you’d like to learn about Wufoo’s fantastic features, look at examples, compare payment providers before you integrate one with Wufoo to accept payments, or look at how we serve the education industry, we made it easier to find information through our design and content refresh.

4. A new form manager – In any given day, you’re most likely to use Wufoo’s Form Manager and Form Builder. So we chose to make these more user-friendly by updating their look and feel and make the most used options like Themes and Share Form more easily accessible.

5. New themes to make your forms look awesome – Some of you let us know that you didn’t have time to design new themes and apply to forms–and that the themes we had weren’t exactly what you wanted. So we launched six new themes that’ll make your forms look fantastic.

6. Redesigned share page – We chose to give a long overdue design refresh to the Share Page to make the various share options more easily accessible.  We also added new options, like the ability to share your forms on LinkedIn and Google+ to help you collect more entries for your form.

7. We are serious about security – Our customers love us for being a fun brand with cute little dinosaurs and all. However, we’re very serious about the security of our customer accounts and data. So we’ve updated our password and security rules to help keep your account safe and ease your mind.

8. Celebrating partners – Our partners are integral to serving our customers well through integrations with commonly used applications. So, we revamped our partners page so that you can find relevant partner integrations easily. As always, we kept you informed throughout the year on how you can make these integrations work for you–use to support data exports, move data to Google sheets, or learn different ways in which you can benefit from Zapier workflows.

9. Completely revamped our help center – We reorganized and added lots of new articles to our Help Center so it’s even easier to search and get answers faster. Check it for great tips on using Wufoo.

10. TrustRadius 2016 top rated survey tool of the year award – Thanks to your support, TrustRadius gave Wufoo the top rated survey tool of the year award for 2016.  The award reinforced our values that if we continue to do good things for our customers, they will continue to support us forever.

As we enter 2017 and begin our journey towards another decade of Wufoo, we vow to keep making Wufoo better every day for you. We’ve got a ton of exciting features and updates planned for 2017. Watch our blog for more updates from us in the next few months–and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to stay on top of everything happening in the world of Wufoo.


  • Everyone needs a hug.
    So here’s a hug; wufoo is great. Love it. I came from FileMaker, which though it can do lots of things, is cumbersome and complex and over complicated for my needs. wufoo by comparison is simple, straightforward and beautifully designed.
    There are a couple of improvements I’d love to see if you’re wondering about how to delight your users and potential users in 2017.

    1. Results Presentation. To make like simple, and to give an overall corporate feel to my work, I created a form that I fill in to present my clients with quotes; Insurer, premium, excess, special terms etc.
      what’d I’d love is to be able to have that go to their email inbox in a way that looks as great as the themed form, not as a simple report as it is now. The simple style is fine if I’m the one receiving the details, but less so if the client gets them direct.

    2. The ability to link entries to calculations. I have some preset prices – say a client is a certain age and is going to a certain travel destination for a set number of days. I would love the input of those three variables to produce a calculation set by a sum box in a hidden field that populated a “Your Price” box.

    Hope you might think about these.

    Have a great Christmas and look forward to wufooing into 2017

    Posted November 17th, 2016 by Mark.
  • Please, please, please–folders to organize forms, and a way to archive old forms. Thank you!

    Posted November 17th, 2016 by Leslie.
  • I completely agree with the comment about folders. I am an administrator for our site and we have a huge number of forms and it’s difficult to go through all of them. It would be awesome if we could organize our forms into folders!

    Posted November 17th, 2016 by Kim.
  • @ Kim and Leslie I’m right there with you–folders would be a great organizational tool for people managing a larger number of forms. Presently we don’t have a timeline on when that would be added, but I can definitely let our product team know of your interest!

    Posted November 17th, 2016 by Cody Curry.
  • @Mark Thank you for the kind words, we appreciate it! While it’s not a plug-and-play option, the Confirmation Email can be customized with HTML, as well as templating, which can be used to create an attractive and customized automatic follow-up email. We do have hopes to offer in-form calculations in the future, however it’s something that’s behind a few other things in development.

    Posted November 17th, 2016 by Cody Curry.

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