How Wufoo helps our marketing agency and the clients we work with

We always love it when Wufans want to share their experiences with our tool. Especially when those experiences can inspire others to use forms in additional, valuable ways. To that end, we want to share John Sammon’s experience with Wufoo. He leads a digital marketing agency, Sixth City Marketing, that uses Wufoo and his clients use us as well—giving him a uniquely comprehensive understanding of our tool and how it can help any form builder.

Anyway, take it away John!

As the CEO and owner of a digital marketing agency, Sixth City Marketing, I’m constantly on the lookout for tools that allow my business to run more smoothly, and help my clients be more productive.

With Wufoo, we’ve been able to check off both of these boxes—and then some!

How, you ask? We’ll break down the top 4 benefits that we—and our clients—have experienced from using our favorite form-building tool. Hopefully, by the end, these benefits will inspire you to use forms in more creative, high-value ways!

Easy to track new data that arrives and analyze its quality

As any Wufoo user knows, you can track the entries that come in from your Form Manager. Most of our clients, however, like to manage new completions by receiving email notifications each time an entry comes in. This helps our clients know what’s happening in real time so they can quickly take action.

Then, once all the responses come back, our clients export them in the format they like best—allowing their team to analyze the data more closely.  

For example, one of our clients, Shini USA, a manufacturing company based in Willoughby, Ohio, uses Wufoo to collect leads. They also use Wufoo to check on the quality of their leads by: Exporting the results from their form, and then comparing the leads from the exported file with the sales accounts that closed during the same time period.  

Form-building went from taking weeks to minutes

Before Wufoo, many of our clients would depend on their internal IT or web team to access a form—which could take anywhere from two to eight weeks!

Wufoo has fast-tracked our clients’ ability to build and use forms. Now they can have a form up on their site in less than fifteen minutes! This allows our clients to collect valuable form data—from sales leads to registered event attendees—exponentially faster!  

Sales opportunities have multiplied

More often than not, our clients don’t have forms on their website when we start working with them. We make a point of quickly changing this, as adding a simple contact form has proven to make a huge improvement in how our clients interact with prospects.

For example, Bruening Glass Works, a small specialty glass repair business in Cleveland, Ohio, saw the number of leads who came from their site increase by roughly 50%—in just two weeks!—after embedding a form onto their homepage.

Crucial mistakes are avoided

At Sixth City Marketing, we use Wufoo to build vacation and expense request forms. The forms allow us to organize and consolidate the requests across the team. In addition, they help us control the amount of information people can submit. This prevents the data from being overwhelming to review, and it’s also made our staffs’ lives easier, as it only takes them seconds to complete the forms.

Prior to using Wufoo, we would have staff fill out paper forms or send emails, which quickly became complicated, and left us vulnerable in mishandling requests.

Anyway, as you can probably tell, both our agency and our clients love Wufoo. I hope the tool also improves the way that you and your organization operates!


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