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Vacation Request Form

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It's hard enough to handle scheduling without having to worry about keeping track of which employees want to take off work when. With our streamlined Vacation Request Form, you can have your employees request time off online, making your life - and project scheduling - that much easier! All you need to do is send out the form or embed it on your website or intranet.

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Paper request forms are a thing of the past! Clear off your desk, and find out well in advance when your employees plan to take time off with our simple time off request form. Your employee provides his or her name, supervisor's name, email, phone number, start and end dates for time off requested, and any other pertinent details . You can even have each employee select which type of leave they want to take: vacation, sick, maternity/paternity, bereavement, jury duty, unpaid time off, or any other category. Get rid of the clutter and go online with our easy-to-use leave request form!

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