Forms in Action on Campus: How John Carroll University Uses Wufoo

It’s no surprise that we love you, dear customers and form fans. Yep, that’s right: L-O-V-E. And we really love the opportunity to showcase the important work that you do.

We’re here to make your lives easier and the more we get to learn about all of the different ways that Wufoo can be used, the more we get to do just that.

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Now back to our regular programming. Let’s put our school pants on, shall we? Please welcome Mike Richwalsky, Executive Director of John Carroll University. JCU is a private, coed, Jesuit Catholic university in Ohio. Mike’s here to share how JCU uses Wufoo on their campus.

Take it away, Mike!

I first came across Wufoo at my previous institution and fell in love with the features and their awesome support. I’m now at John Carroll University and we use Wufoo for just about every area on campus. From fundraising, to event registration, to surveys…you name it, we do it.

Here’s an example of just one of our forms in action.

One of the biggest advantages for us is how easy the form-building system is to use. Because of the simplicity, we’ve given accounts to our campus users and basically sent them off on their own to build, build, build their own forms. Our employees have also used the Wufoo embed feature where they can copy/paste their forms directly into their websites. This ability cuts down on the amount of forms that need to be made and reduces our own support calls. Great stuff!

The API is awesome and we’re in there quite a lot. And, in the spirit of customer feedback, we offer this suggestion up for you Wufoo wizards–we have a LOT of forms that we create and sometimes the initial loading/searching abilities can take a little time to catch up.

For you readers out there looking for ways to utilize Wufoo on their campus, let me know in the Comments below. Pretty much every department from JCU’s Athletics, Admissions, Academics, (on a roll with the A’s), Marketing and Student Life has a Wufoo form in action. We’re 3+ years in and counting and would love to hear about how you use forms on your campus.

Same here! Don’t forget to submit your own story into our interview form and visit John Carroll University’s webpage for more information.


  • Delighted to see my alma mater featured here! I, too, am a heavy user of wufoo, have been since your early days. I even use a wufoo form for my JCU-related website,, where I capture news from the John Carroll University Class of 1992. We also use wufoo forms for our sites at Duke University Department of Medicine, where I work (when I’m not daydreaming about my years at JCU).

    Posted March 4th, 2015 by Anton Zuiker.
  • curious about how your are using wufoo in admissions. We use it sparingly in our lead collection and to feed our CRM system. Thanks Zapier!!…

    but looking to see other ways we can use the data collected via wufoo to create student enrollment agreements, for financial aid qualification and verification.

    Any suggestions on how to put wufoo collected data into documents that can become PDF contracts.

    Posted March 4th, 2015 by dave bracken.
  • The event on the main street was a success, with some pros and cons. The event overall was really good, we had a large number of people today, they all enjoyed our delicious food!
    First things first
    The good:
    Everyone in the beginning was working hard and together as a team, making sure that everything is set up properly. Also, communication was very strong in the beginning. Everyone does a fantastic job with set up.

    During the event, I’ve noticed that communication with one another started to break down, I included. We were doing things we weren’t supposed to do ex: one cellphones or standing around (I’m guilty of as well) when there are things that needed to be done. Last but not least, we need (me also) make sure that we stay calm and be frustrated if something doesn’t go as planned. We all make mistakes, I’ve made some tonight, that’s is how we grow by learning from mistakes. Encourage one another, help each other out, challenge yourself, that is the only way we can get better is to push ourselves to be the best that we can be. At the end of the day, customers have quick impressions on us, depending on our appearance and how we act around them, they will be quick to judge. We can provide THE best customer service if we collaborate with one another and work as a team! We did well, there is also room for improvement. I really enjoy working with such a great team!

    Posted March 4th, 2015 by Randy.
  • Everyone needs a hug.

    Posted March 4th, 2015 by Malcolm King.

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