Wufoo + Mailchimp: 3 email marketing tricks to improve customer relationships

It isn’t easy to convince people to take a leap of faith and buy something from your business for the first time—but your current customers have already been there, done that. Because they already know what to expect, your best customers can also be some of your best sales leads. Keep connected with customers who want to buy again by building a strong mailing list and nurturing those relationships.

So what’s the easiest way to go about this? Start by integrating Wufoo with an email platform like Mailchimp. This will allow you to automate and personalize your marketing messages, taking your communication to the next level. Here’s how you can use this integration to manage contact lists, automate emails, and easily activate your customers:

1. Manage all your contacts

Your active leads are always changing—and so is your mailing list. If you let your list grow stale, you’ll end up reaching out to customers who just aren’t interested in your products any more. Keep your mailing list fresh by automating Mailchimp signups, unsubscribes, and more.

  • Migrate contacts from Wufoo to Mailchimp. Maybe you have a dedicated mailing list signup form, or maybe customers can join your mailing list by ticking a box on your order form. Either way, you can automatically migrate contact info from your forms to your mailing list just by syncing Wufoo and Mailchimp. No need to move entries by hand!
  • Enable double opt-in forms. Double opt-in forms ask people to confirm their submission by email before the form goes through. A double opt-in prevents fake signups and registrations, and keeps people from feeling like they were duped into joining your list.
  • Automate unsubscribes. A longer mailing list isn’t always better. When you connect Wufoo and Mailchimp you can add an unsubscribe form to give dead leads a way out.
  • Segment your mailing list. Marketing messages often resonate better with one group than another. Send the right messages to the right people by separating your contacts into groups (like prospects versus customers) and running targeted marketing campaigns for each. Wufoo custom form fields let you automatically separate Mailchimp contacts.

A great mailing list gives your marketing messages a platform to shine. Automate mailing list management to grow your contacts, increase email open rates, and decrease spam complaints.

2. Automate your customer emails

A huge part of email marketing is sending people the right email at the right time—and that means scheduling messages based on where someone is in the customer journey. But don’t worry, it’s a lot easier to pull this off than it might seem. To automate your email campaigns, all you have to do is build an email template in Mailchimp, then connect it to a trigger in Wufoo.

  • Trigger welcome emails. When someone fills out a contact form, they’re asking you to reach out. So why not do it right away? Immediately send an email—or trigger a series of emails—by integrating Wufoo and Mailchimp. Automated welcome campaigns give all of your new contacts a chance to get to know your brand, without any effort from you.
  • Confirm event registrations. After someone fills out an event registration form, they’re usually expecting a follow up from your organization. An automated email lets you immediately confirm the registration and share event details like Zoom access codes.

Automated emails are the easiest way to let customers know you received their form and that you’re there for them. These templates are also a great way to share basic info about your brand, products, or event so you don’t have to answer the same questions over and over.

3. Connect personally with customers

Most customers like to be seen as people, not just names on a mailing list. If you don’t have the time to reach out to every lead individually, you can automate personal content for them instead.

  • Give customers a headstart on their forms. Why ask for customer data if you already have it? Link Wufoo and Mailchimp to send email contacts links to prefilled forms that already include their name and email address. These forms make it easier for contacts on your mailing list to make purchases or register for events.
  • Make custom offers. Personal discounts can reward and incentivize your customers. The data you collect with Wufoo can help you connect customers with custom offers. For example, you might send a discount code for a specific product to every contact who showed interest in that product when they filled out your sales lead form.
  • Follow up on purchases. A customer made a purchase from your business. What now? Find out where the relationship can go from here by emailing the customer a satisfaction survey or automatically triggering an email campaign to upsell another product.

It’s a lot easier (and way less expensive) to retain an existing customer than it is to convert a new one. Keep your customer relationships strong by managing your mailing list with Wufoo and Mailchimp. First step? Sync your Wufoo and Mailchimp accounts.

Don’t use Mailchimp? No worries. You can do a lot of the same things with Wufoo and our Gmail, Constant Contact, or ActiveCampaign integrations.


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