Tackle process automation with Wufoo

Let’s talk one and done. What if you could set up a string of tasks one time, then repeat it to, for example, automatically deliver completed lead gen forms to sales reps in Salesforce, save a copy of completed forms in Dropbox, or share form feedback with your organization on Slack?

Well, Wufans, you can! By integrating Wufoo with your other business tools, you can easily automate manual processes to manage leads and events, store files, and share form results.

What is process automation?

Process automation sends data between apps to complete complex sets of tasks. Unlike workflow automation, process automation lets you automate multiple tasks in different apps.

By integrating Wufoo with the other apps you use (we totally get that you can’t use one app for everything, not even Wufoo!), you can trigger a single action in another app, like sending a confirmation email, or use process automation to trigger multiple actions across your apps.

Here’s how you can set up process automation with Wufoo.

The benefits of process automation

There are probably lots of little things you do every day that take time away from your real work, like logging into different apps, exporting and inputting data, and sharing documents. Process automation gets rid of all that boring busywork that eats away at your time and concentration.

More time and better concentration always leads to good things. Here are a few quick benefits of process automation:

  • Save time and boost productivity by eliminating extra tasks
  • Decrease human error by automating the busywork
  • Create a better, more responsive user experience

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Wufoo workflows you can automate

So what exactly can you do with Wufoo and process automation? The sky’s the limit when it comes to automation (it seems like Wufans come up with a new way to use our forms with another app every single day), but here are a few things you can start automating right now:

Lead management

Lead management is a whole process that includes everything from lead enrichment (adding context to Wufoo leads with extra information from lead databases like Clearbit) to lead routing (assigning Wufoo leads to sales reps in a CRM like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, or Agile CRM).

Most organizations respond to leads too slowly–but not with process automation! Automate lead management end-to-end to boost your lead response time. It’s even possible to qualify and route leads from Wufoo through super accessible platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Event management

When people fill out your event registration forms, where do they go? With process automation you can immediately send them into a project management tool like Asana, Trello, or Jira

Once they’re there, you can automatically generate tasks or tickets (like sending out information packets or vouchers before an event) and assign them to the right person without lifting a finger. You can even generate custom tasks based on each person’s event registration form responses. Or, if you typically like to send reminder emails leading up to the event, you can also send them straight into an email campaign using MailChimp to automatically send reminder emails.

File storage

I think we can all agree that saving and storing form responses for compliance is one of the more tedious parts of using Wufoo forms. Not anymore. Automate file storage to easily capture and organize the documents you need in file storage tools like Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.

With process automation, you can trigger complex sets of tasks that, for example:

  • Save form responses as Google Sheets, Zoho Sheet, or Excel spreadsheets.  
  • Save form attachments to a specific folder and set folder permissions.
  • Create a new folder for each new form response.


Feedback is meant to be seen, but it isn’t always easy to get the results of your feedback forms in front of the right people. Make it (actually) simple by automating feedback distribution. For example, when someone completes your website feedback form, you can automatically send the submission to stakeholders on Slack or Microsoft Teams, making sure everyone is viewing the feedback as it comes in.

Learn more about why you should automate form feedback.

Process automation can remove the boring busywork from your workday and help you quickly integrate Wufoo forms into any aspect of your organization, from lead management to feedback. It doesn’t stop there either. You can integrate Wufoo with any app to automate key processes.

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