Wufoo and Monkey Recap of 2012

Wufoo Team 2010

If you can believe it- we barely can ourselves- 2012 is almost through and with just a few weeks left on the calendar, we figured now was as good a time as any to take a look back at what’s been done and what’s to come both at Wufoo and at SurveyMonkey.

Way back at the beginning of the year, we were super excited to introduce to you all our spiffed-up redesign of the Wufoo site. Thanks again to all of you who took the time to scope it out back in January and for the awesome comments and feedback. 2012 was also the year we got to say ¡Hola! In addition to the 46 different languages that were always available to your form users- our marketing, support and application could now be delivered to our Spanish-speaking friends. And we of course can’t forget our second ever BarCamp Tour of 2012! We hope to take BarCamp out for a spin yet again so keep an eye out for us next year.


Springtime at Wufoo brought forth not just spring showers (just kidding, rain on the Peninsula??) but some snazzy updates in browser support charts for HTML 5 and some nifty partnerships to help keep your CRM nice and neat and to maintain that offline mobile forms magic. And them hazy days of summer brought us more integration superfriends to hang with like Mojaba and GroSocial, Zapier and Raven.

Gearing up for the holiday push at Wufoo meant adding yet another amazing payment integration for our users with the introduction of Stripe and last, but not least, we were proud to share the news that SurveyMonkey landed on Wired’s Top 10 List of Best Tech Companies to Work For- woohoo and it’s true.

Our own Kevin Hale has been putting in long man hours (or monkey hours for that matter) on SurveyMonkey’s Create Update, an exciting revamp of a classic in survey creation design. We hope you’ll get as much of a kick out of the look and feel to it as we have. More to come on the Create Update in 2013 and don’t worry, if you’ve missed out on any of SurveyMonkey’s product updates from the past year, you need only look here and get caught up.


From all of us at Wufoo, we thank you for another fantastic year. See you on the flip-side of 2013!


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