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TrustRadius_storyIt’s no secret that we care a lot about you, dear customers. Nay, we love you and we’re not shy about sharing that love either. Our team’s goal is to make your form-building lives easier, help build your businesses and well, you know, we want to help you make the web a better place. Not too much to ask, right?

Now when we learned that a 2016 Top Rated badge was recently awarded to us by TrustRadius–one of the most trusted review sites for business technology–we’ll be honest…it felt pretty darn great. Thanks for the love. All of us on the Customer Support team work hard to make sure Wufoo is fast, easy, and fun.  So it means the world to us to know that our hard work really is making Wufoo great for all of you.

We’d love to take a quick minute and call out a few of the feedback trends shared by our users on TrustRadius:

  1. Sense of Humor: Life is better when you can laugh about it. And as it turns out, that’s also the case with form-building software. “Sense of humor. In times when we needed customer support, we were always left grinning at the tongue in cheek nature of the feedback or instructions if something seemed wrong.”
  1. Hands-On Support: People learn in many different ways, but one of the most effective is demonstration. When it’s easier to teach by showing instead of telling, we’re happy to put on our form-building gloves and dive in with you help get you started.  “In certain instance, they would even create a form (in my account) to demonstrate the solution.”
  1. Fast Answers: We’re a small, dedicated team bridging two continents and we do our best to answer your questions within a few hours. Picture an international relay race where everyone’s firing off helpful emails left and right—except with dinosaurs. “I would email them a question and they never failed to respond in less than a few hours.”
  1. Commitment to Helping Customers: While our Help Center is full of awesome tips, we can’t always anticipate every question before it arrives. That’s where the Customer Support team gets a chance to shine. We’re committed to helping customers through the entire form-creation process and we’re always up for a challenge. “It is sometimes hard to find the answers in the documentation library for advanced issues; but the “ask support” option has always helped.”
  1. Personal Touch: If it wasn’t already clear, we really love our Wufoo community. One of our favorite traditions that’s been around since Wufoo’s earliest days is writing personalized thank you cards to our loyal customers. Every week, we all take a little time together to draft, decorate, and mail out hand-written notes to a handful of Wufoo users. This tradition encourages us to spend some time away from our computers, reflecting on our customers, our roles, and our team. And as a bonus, we’re teaching millennials how the United States Postal Service works (it’s like email, but analog).

Big big thanks goes out to TrustRadius for capturing the authentic voice of our customers and from the bottom of our hearts, form on!


  • Good Afternoon–

    We currently have an account with you to maintain an overnight parking registry. Do you have a way to automatically delete entries based on a expiration date range on the form?

    Posted April 26th, 2016 by Don Stupp.
  • Does wufoo forms offer skip to features in form builder? For example, if a client answers yes to a specific question, they will be directed to a specific response. Based on their answers will determine the response they are directed to. Can we do that in wufoo forms?

    Posted April 26th, 2016 by Denise Martin.
  • Hi I am needing assistance urgently with the form I created. It is not accepting the phone numbers people are entering.

    Thanks Tracey

    Posted April 26th, 2016 by Tracey Carter.
  • Everyone needs a hug.

    Posted April 26th, 2016 by TSachinkumar.
  • I am considering using wufoo, but I am reluctant now because I have not been able to locate anywhere to access pre-sals support. I have some questions:

    We are considering which platform to use. WordPress? Squarespace? Weebly? Wix?

    We need to know if wufoo can make Squarespace or another platform function the way we need it to function, and if so, how do we get it to function like this? What apps/plugins can we use?

    Our website will be Tree Planting Club. Users will register on our website, and then plant a tree, and then post it on our website which will get shared on our social media networks, and they can share the posts to their social networks and tag a few friends to pass the challenge of planting a tree onto their friends.

    We also need some kind of “announcements” or message board forum, so advertisers and hosts can announce opportunities for tree planters, and email notifications will be sent to registered users in those postal codes, to notify them of these opportunities in their area.

    Website Functions:
    1 – Registration (email & password, city, state, county, country, postal-code) This will be world-wide.
    2 – Email auto responder, after sign up sends a series of automated emails.
    3 – Also need to be able to send out occasional email campaigns to target specific city/state/zip-code (or region).
    4 – There needs to be an “announcements” area or “message board” like a forum, so advertisers and hosts and tree donors, can post announcements in a specific region, and then a email notification will be sent to anyone registered in that region.
    5 – There needs to be a “Post your tree” feature so after someone plants a tree, they can post it through our website (fill out a form and attach a image or video) and that will get shared throughout our entire social media network, and the user can click a SHARE button to share that post on their own social media networks and tag three of there friends to pass the challenge on to their friends.

    What platform, and apps do you recommend for this? How can we go about developing a website that functions in this way?

    Thank you from,
    The Whole Team at PlantATreeChallenge.com

    Posted April 26th, 2016 by Vincent.
  • Everyone needs a hug.hello

    Posted April 26th, 2016 by Mae operario.

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