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Education templates Fall is just around the corner and you know what that means, form fans. Yep—it’s back to school season! We’re big supporters of all things academics at Wufoo and if we can make your lives as educators a little bit easier? Well, then A pluses for everyone because that’s our goal.

And as just a small token of our huge gratitude to all of you, we’ve compiled a shortlist of top educational templates designed to make your life in the classroom easier.

So get this–there are over 300 templates that you can pick from. And now that our Template Gallery is totally revamped and lovely to look at, that’s the best place to go when you’re just starting out.

We don’t doubt your form-building skills, but we know sometimes you’re in a hurry and need forms fast. With these templates, we’ve covered the first few steps, so you can do just that and get back to teaching.


Grades. It’s one of the few unchanging things about at teacher’s working life. You need to keep track of how everyone’s doing and this can sometimes mean a lot of busywork.

Rather than (gasp!) writing down grades into an actual gradebook or entering them into Excel, why not go with an online form instead? This will save you time and allow for easy filtering and tracking of the data once it’s in the Entry Manager.

Emergency Contact Info

Emergencies sometimes happen. And when they do, you want to be prepared. This template has pre-made fields for names, email, phone, address, and just about everything you’ll need to contact a guardian in the event of an emergency.

Pop Quizzes

Save on some paper by giving all your quizzes online. These are quick, fast, and your students can’t pretend the dog ate their homework.

Now, you might be thinking that these particular templates seem more suited for elementary, middle, and high school…but that’s not all we have available so no worries. For the college and upper level educators out there, here are a few templates to make your classroom life feel less hectic.

Seminar Scheduling

Any college will have some great guest lectures and seminars, but since they’re not part of the standard curriculum, you’ll definitely want to document all of them. This will help keep track of all your visiting profs giving those awesome seminars.

Change of Major

Don’t know about you but changing majors in college happened pretty frequently so it would’ve been nice to have a quick and easy online form to do that in a snap. Well? Try this out and we bet your students will thank you (and the Admissions department too).

College Application

We know the school year may just be beginning for most students, but for those high school seniors planning ahead, college application time will come around sooner than about time for those college applications. Paper applications just aren’t the way to go anymore. They take a long time, they might get lost in the mail, etc. Online applications are super fast, they’re a cinch to evaluate and help keep things organized.

And there you have it, dear educators. Hours of work saved by using templates. Spiff it up with one of our themes and then be sure to clear some space on your desk–you’re about to get a ton of apples from some happy students.

Questions for Nicola? Let her know in the Comments below, we check daily!


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