Simple Way to Limit Coupon Code Redemptions with Max Quantities

Previously, we’ve shown how you can [add coupon code functionality]( to your Wufoo payment forms, allowing you to run *promotional discounts* for your customers and *boost sales*. But one limitation was the fact that the coupons were unlimited and the only way to turn off coupons was to hide the coupon field.

Now with [Max Quantities](, this is no longer the case.

And best of all, it’s super simple to set up!


After following the steps to setup your coupon fields on your Wufoo form, you’ll just do one small thing. Select the Got a coupon? checkbox field and in the Field Settings tab, click on and enable Max Quantities. Next, enter in the maximum number of times you want your coupon to be redeemed. In my example, I choose 100 because, you know, [round number bias](

Click Save Form and you’re done. You’re now the proud owner of a Wufoo payment form with limited use coupons!

Queries for Johan? You know where to go.


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