Over 90 New Templates Added to Wufoo Form Gallery!

One of the most popular parts of Wufoo is our [Form Gallery](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/). For several years, we’ve offered high quality form templates in 12 different categories that can either be installed directly to your Wufoo account with a single click or downloaded as a zip of just the HTML markup and related CSS files. Our premade templates and themes have been **downloaded over 13 million times** and we’re really excited to announce that we’re expanding it!

We’ve added over 90 new templates to the gallery and we think you’re really going to love them. Obviously, we can’t highlight all of them in this blog post, but here’s a few we thought were worth highlighting:

– [Wedding Planning Survey](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/templates/surveys/wedding-planning-survey/)
– [Product Evaluation Existing Product](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/templates/surveys/product-evaluation-existing-product/)
– [Non-Profit: Volunteer Interests & Skills](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/templates/surveys/nonprofit-volunteer-interests-skills/)
– [Fundraising Ideas](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/templates/lead-generation/fundraising-ideas/)
– [Community Satisfaction](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/templates/surveys/community-satisfaction/)
– [Marketing Planning Survey](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/templates/surveys/marketing-planning-survey/)
– [Employee Satisfaction Training Development](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/templates/surveys/employee-satisfaction-training-development/)
– [Win/Loss Survey: Business Lost](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/templates/surveys/winloss-survey-business-lost/)
– [Hypothesis Testing Research](http://www.wufoo.com/gallery/templates/forms/hypothesis-testingresearch/)


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