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While Wufoo does a great job helping people collect new information over the Internet, it can be a bit tricky to get existing data into our application. Aside from physically entering the data by hand into your forms, the only other alternative is to dive into our [Submit API]( and write some code to programmatically enter it into Wufoo.

Well, [Tim Morgan](, web developer and creator of [OneBody](, decided he had had enough after his wife asked him to write yet another one-off script to import data into Wufoo. Using James Edward Gray’s [FasterCSV](, [Sinatra](, and his own [WufooParty library](, he created [](, a web service that can take your CSV (comma separated value) files and import them into your Wufoo forms.


Now, you can take all that data locked inside your spreadsheets and databases and get them into Wufoo quickly and painlessly. The service does a great job walking you through the process step by step and you can even assign columns in your CSV file to specific fields in your forms so your data goes in right where you want it.

Before you dive in, here’s some things to keep in mind about using [CSV2Wufoo](

– The service requires your account name and API key to do the import. Once the import is complete, the API key is deleted immediately by CSV2Wufoo (even if the service encounters an error).

– Imported data that is over 3 days old is automatically deleted from the server. The reason CSV2Wufoo keeps around imported data temporarily on their servers is to help debug errors and improve the application.

– Currently, the service is limited to 5,000 request to the Wufoo API per day, which maps roughly to the number of records being imported. So please don’t test with a large file, so there’ll be some left for others to use.

– Please note that imported entries are counted the same as new submissions through your forms and will count against your monthly entry limit.

Best of all, Tim is able to make [CSV2Wufoo]( **FREE** thanks to the sponsoring support of [OneBody](, an online directory and social network for churches. Definitely check them out. OneBody is a really intuitive tool for people and groups to manage the basic functions of a church community. Thanks again Tim and OneBody! We love the new service.


  • Thanks for the write-up, Kevin! wufoo rocks!

    Posted March 10th, 2010 by Tim Morgan.
  • Seems to be nice, but I don’t really get it what it is going to be used for?
    Could anyone give an example?

    Posted March 10th, 2010 by Gustav Bergman.
  • With Gustav on this. Why would I want to do this?

    Posted March 10th, 2010 by Ray.
  • This functionality would be useful if you have data in a local spreadsheet, but you want to move that data into wufoo in order to store all of your data in a single online location.

    For example, if you kept a .csv or excel list of volunteers for your charity organization, but you started using wufoo in order to make the collection, editing, and reporting process less tedious, you would have had to manually enter each individual spreadsheet entry into a wufoo form in order to merge old spreadhseet data with new entries collected through wufoo.

    CSV2wufoo saves you time by allowing you to bulk import existing spreadsheet data into your wufoo account, rather than keeping your records in separate locations or entering each record item by item into wufoo. So you can now import your 5000 volunteers into your form with a few clicks instead of the old way of merging spreadsheet data one record at a time.

    Posted March 10th, 2010 by Chris Campbell.
  • This might also provide a workaround for Highrise CRM imports. Currently you can’t tag upon import into Highrise, but might by stringing together CSV2wufoo->wufoo->routing->HighRise.

    Yes? No?

    Posted March 10th, 2010 by Dan Keldsen.
  • Everyone needs a hug.

    Posted March 10th, 2010 by n.
  • Nice! But where can I see an example of all this? Or m/b video…

    Posted March 10th, 2010 by seo kursi.

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