How to Hear Your Customers (Loud & Clear!) and Boost Leads with Wufoo

> It’s a straight-up fact that we here at Wufoo really dig our global community—customers, partners and teammates alike. Sharing the unique stories and best practices from our awesome international customers is not only a delight but helps keep our community feeling close-knit no matter the distance. Spotlighting these global stories can also give us the feedback we need to continue working hard at providing the features you want.

So let’s zero in our pals across the pond…ah, London. It’s a world class, lovely city that will always be a top tourist destination. And let’s not forget, a top business destination. To help manage and make both kinds of travelers’ lives easier when in the UK, Check-in-London—an online booking accommodations company—specializes in providing that “home away from home” experience in and around the city.

Tanielle Lobo, Website and Marketing Manager for Check-in-London, drops in on our blog to share how Wufoo’s helped her team organize and better listen to their customers’ feedback and how forms have streamlined their lead capturing process.

Hullo, Tanielle!

We brought Wufoo on board to tackle the limited scope of our un-modifiable website forms and we’ve used it one way or another across all sections of our business. I have to say, going with Wufoo has truly been one of the most brilliant decisions we’ve made as a company thus far. Why? We love how the interface is so easy to use for one. Even the technophobes on our team are amazed at how straightforward, simple and versatile the product is. No messy code, no need for long winded video tutorials, no begging for favors from developers—just quick DIY forms, at the drop of a hat. It has literally taken minutes for me to learn and train up others to use.

Customer service, lead generation, partner relations, affiliate management, feedback and insights. All of these are key business drivers that Check-in-London needs to maintain the health of in order to remain successful. No different from any other business really. You’ll find a Wufoo form linked or embedded on almost every major landing page on our website. That’s already testimony to how much we love it.

Here’s a brief breakdown of how we’re using Wufoo to ensure that the quality of our customer service and lead generation remains top-notch.

Customizations Galore

Wufoo’s endless customization possibilities, lets you change the appearance of each and every form to suit your requirements. It’s also useful that the tool allows you to save your settings should you wish to reuse or clone your themes over and over again. 
Also, with some of our previous forms, spam used to flood our inboxes. Since Wufoo came into our lives though, there’ve been no spam worries or need for ugly captcha fields.

Increase Customer Interactivity

People don’t like to complete long forms, period. The combinations of form rules and logic that Wufoo offers helps us condense our forms so they’re easily digestible. We can add further questions based on the customer’s responses. The ability to ask additional targeted questions is much better in terms of the user experience and makes life easier for us on the backend.

Personalize Lead Generation

Pre-filling forms has also been a feature we use a lot. We do this by completing some fields of the form with the extension to the URL based on the dynamic fields in Wufoo. This means our customer on the receiving end of the form has less to fill out. This also helps us convey our personalized customer service approach through our forms, makes a really great impression and increases leads.

Last but not least, the really handy dynamic fields (from API information) can be used to pull through elements of the form in email subject lines, notification emails and Thank You messages. It sounds simple, but it makes such a difference to the person submitting the form and to the team who receive it, as they can then get a quick snapshot of the form contents and prioritize their workload accordingly.

Many thanks to Wufoo for making our lives here at Check-in-London that much easier!

To learn more about how to book amazing apartments for your next business or holiday trip, visit Check-in-London. Cheers!


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