Case Study: How Natalie L. of Savoir Faire Media Uses Wufoo

Hello, friends and fans! We’re super excited to shine our Wufoo customer spotlight on Savoir Faire Media, an award-winning website, graphic design and marketing boutique. The Savoir Faire team creates brand identities for small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits. Providing their small business clients with affordable and efficient solutions is one of their specialties as well as a collaborative approach to all of their projects–both are goals that all of us here at Wufoo definitely dig.

Here to share how Savoir Faire Media’s been using Wufoo to help them overcome some of the challenges they’ve faced is owner and founder, Natalie Lambert.

Take it away, Natalie!

“Wufoo has transformed our business model…”

Two years ago, as we were struggling to keep up with the volume of inquiries coming into our site and how best to organize those, we stumbled upon Wufoo. Suddenly, the clouds parted and the sun came out! We figured out that by using one of Wufoo’s free contact forms and embedding it into our site, we could capture new sales leads and make notes on each one through the website. With the easy-to-use search field, we could quickly find someone who’d called us and pull their information right up. We were also able to use the email feature to send out the contact form submission to other team members as needed.

“And has transformed our client management…”

Our next challenge was that once a client purchased a service from us, the collection of data processes were cumbersome, notes varied widely depending on whom was collecting and calls and emails were getting unmanageable. We decided to upgrade our free account to a premium account so we could create more in-depth and detailed data collection forms by service. Now we could make important questions required, provide an easy and pain-free way to collect what we needed on their schedule, and allow them to upload images, logos and screenshots as needed.

The information is stored in our form manager in Wufoo for reference back throughout the process. We were able to “edit” the entry as needed for additions and changes through the back end and enable the comment notifications to the team to keep everyone apprised of status.

Here’s a partial peek at one of our customer contact forms:

“But wait, there’s more!”

As a Project Management Professional (PMP) ®, I’m positively giddy about the vast efficiencies we’ve been able to implement because of Wufoo. Most recently, we were searching for a service by which we could create online proposals and acceptance of Terms and Conditions for our standard packages, while also collecting a deposit for services. After researching expensive and cumbersome systems, we went back to our cornerstone–Wufoo.

We created branded Agreements with key acknowledgement areas, the ability to promote additional services with a visible running total as they “shopped”, the incorporation of promo codes for special promotion discounts, and upon submission take them directly to “checkout” using Wufoo’s PayPal integration. Another win with Wufoo!

Our need to communicate with our clients on an ongoing basis regarding new products, services and promotions led us to partner with a premiere email marketing firm so we could send permission-based email campaigns on a regular basis. We simply login to Wufoo, export our contacts through the reports tool, import into our client management system on a recurring basis and voila!

“SFM + Wufoo = BFF”

From professional matchmaking services who use the forms for private personality information collection, to cake-bakers taking custom orders for sweet treats–this has been a win for us both professionally and through improved customer efficiencies as well. Thanks Wufoo for being awesome and helping us reach the success and growth we’ve experienced.

You’re very welcome, Natalie and all of us here at Wufoo are super stoked that we’ve been able to help support the awesome work that Savoir Faire Media does!

Is your organization looking to create a brand identity and need guidance from seasoned design professionals? Check out Savoir Faire Media today!


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