Advances Its Quest To Make You More Productive With Its New Wufoo Integration

To all the people who get projects done because of what does

Before Do did this, did you really know what productivity was?

Gettin’ tasks done just because

Contact information recorded so you always remember who that was

If you feel the urge to work efficiently

Check out the new integration with Wufoo and expeditiously recently launched Do More, a social productivity app for your team, and we’re proud to be a featured integration in their new solution for organized individuals everywhere. Now you can engage with a customer through a Wufoo form and automatically create actionable projects, contacts, deals and tasks in Do. Do’s motto is “Work better, together.”

Can I kick it (asked Do)? Yes, you can (said Wufoo)!

To Use This Integration

1. You’ll need a Wufoo and a account; this integration’s available to free users. Wufoo has both free and paid plans and offers free and paid plans as well.
2. Create a form on Wufoo that will capture the data you want to add in Do and you’ll be in touch with your customers in no time.

Take a gander at our snazzy example here:

Big thanks to the entire team at Do for doing such an awesome job in creating a great integration! If you’re looking to integrate your web app with Wufoo, check out our Ultimate Guide to Integrating with Wufoo.


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