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Training: Instructor/Professor Evaluation

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Are you looking for an easier way to evaluate your instructors? Whether you are a department head, training coordinator, academy administrator, or other educator in charge of evaluations, you need a straightforward way to get real feedback from your students. Use our online Instructor/Professor Evaluation Form as a focused tool ideal for end-of-semester evaluations or ongoing teaching performance assessment.

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Our Instructor/Professor Evaluation Form is an online assessment for evaluating professors and instructors. Find out how satisfied students were with their instructor or professor and how prepared he or she was. Ask how well the course was explained, how positive the classroom environment was, how clearly course material was communicated, and how much expertise the instructor displayed. Get feedback on textbooks and even the degree of cultural sensitivity displayed by the instructor. Our customizable electronic questionnaire gives students a secure, confidential way to provide feedback that can be used to improve instruction and increase student satisfaction.

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