University/School: Student Satisfaction Survey

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You know that the opinions of your student are important - particularly in today's social media dominated world, where a single complaint can cross the world in a day. Collecting comprehensive student feedback on all aspects of your school or university is an essential part of planning for future enrollment campaigns and improving your school's ratings. But where to begin? Our online Student Satisfaction Survey provides you with a prepared form ready to be used right away!

What's in the University/School: Student Satisfaction Survey?

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Our customizable student feedback survey offers you a starting place for learning about the attitudes and opinions of your current and past students. Find out how satisfied they are with their experience at your school, college, or university - and why. Ask for their opinion on the quality of your teaching faculty, course availability, academic advising, access to faculty, school's academic reputation, campus life, and the overall value of the education they are receiving. Our school evaluation form also covers support services, facilities, safety, diversity, and much more. Students can even add significant comments and additional feedback to help you make your school or university the best it can be!

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