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University/School: Alumni Opinion Survey

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Send our ready-made online Alumni Opinion Survey to your outgoing students and alumni to gather their opinions and personal ratings on the various factors that affected the quality of their education at your school, college, or university. Learn how to better serve your students, assist them on their career and industry paths after graduation, and what their overall opinions of your departments, programs, student body, and faculty are.

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Create and customize your own alumni feedback form using our prepared template. Questions include student and alumni ratings of academic quality, extracurricular activities, school facilities, value of their degree, quality of the faculty, student motivation, diversity, cost of attendance, and school reputation. Find out what they believe are your school's greatest strengths and weaknesses, as well as their year of graduation, major, and minor degrees. Get invaluable feedback on what will motivate them to stay connected to your school and become involved in future alumni events, as you keep working to improve your school!

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