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University/School: Course Evaluation Form

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When the semester ends at your school or university, it's time to evaluate your current courses and start planning for future ones. Use our updated online Course Evaluation Form to find out how your students really feel about all aspects of the courses they have completed. Getting this invaluable feedback ASAP will help you to stay on top in the educational field and make any necessary course corrections in order to keep your student satisfaction high.

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Take advantage of our pre-prepared course evaluation questions to find out what your students truly think about the classes they just completed. Was the course required or an elective? Is it part of their major or minor? How satisfied were they with the teaching of their instructor or professor? How did they feel about the syllabus, assignments, quizzes and exams, class size, and course pace? Would they recommend the course to other students? Our online course evaluation survey template even offers students the chance to provide feedback on textbooks and resources, along with any additional comments or recommendations.

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