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Wedding Planning Survey

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As a wedding planner, wedding guest planner, wedding coordinator, or wedding guest list manager, you know how many details really go into creating a happy couple's perfect day - beginning long before the date is even set. Use our helpful online Wedding Planning Survey to collect details behind the scenes from guests about their travel plans, accommodation requirements, and any special facilities that may be needed to host the perfect wedding!

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Use our online wedding guest facilities survey to ask potential guests whether they'd be willing to travel to attend the wedding, what the best month for them to attend is, how much they are able to spend on accommodations, and how many nights they would stay. Find out what activities they'd like to be involved in while they're in town besides the wedding itself, if they need babysitting services before the wedding, and details about their relationship to and memories of the bride and/or groom. They even get a chance to add their two cents with suggestions for the honeymoon and offers to assist with everything from decorating and catering to dressmaking and music.

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