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Event Planning Survey for Tradeshow/Conference

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Do you need to gather feedback from prospective event attendees regarding their expectations in order to better cater to their individual needs? Use our easy online Event Planning Survey to get all the information you require as an event planner or organizer. Prepare your most inspiring and unforgettable conference, symposium, or trade show - one that attendees will recommend to others and will want to return to themselves!

What's in the Event Planning Survey for Tradeshow/Conference?

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Our customizable pre-event planning survey asks prospective attendees which date and location they will be able to attend and if there is an alternate location they would prefer. Discover whether they would rather attend single or multi day events, how they heard about the upcoming event, if this is the first of your events they have attended, and what topics they'd like to hear about. Easily gauge what they hope to gain from the event, additional speakers they'd like to hear in the future, and whether or not they are interested in affiliated networking activities. Most importantly, you'll learn from our pre-event survey what your attendees' feelings are about the cost of the event and how it compares to similar events they have attended!

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