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Event Feedback: During Event

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Get essential event feedback during your next conference or event with our online Event Evaluation Form. Have event attendees fill out this easy-to-use form at the end of each session to gather immediate feedback about the speaker or presenter and the session itself - all while it's still fresh in the minds of your attendees. Whether you are an event planner, event manager, or event organizer, you'll find this information ideal for improving on future events and monopolizing on the best parts of your current event.

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Use our convenient online event feedback survey template to allow your attendees to quickly complete an event evaluation survey from their smartphone, tablet, or laptop before your event has even ended! Find out right away how satisfied they are with the overall event, the session they just attended, the speaker, content, quality, and any audiovisual elements. Learn more about your event attendees and stay on top of any problems, preventing them from impacting additional sessions and allowing you to reach out to attendees during the event with follow-up questions or to address their concerns. Use this instant input to ensure that your attendees plan to come back for the next event you plan!

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