Seminar Evaluation Survey

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Want to find out how your latest seminar went? Ask attendees for their feedback with our customizable Seminar Evaluation Survey Template. Send your seminar evaluation survey in an email, post it to social, or embed it into your website so your attendees can tell you that they think in a jiffy! You'll get immediate and valuable responses to help you perfect your technique, maximize your success, and plan your next exciting session.

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Our seminar feedback form template is simple and easy-to-use, so recipients are more likely to fill it out and provide you with helpful feedback. Track which sessions people attended, what worked and what needs improvement, and solicit input to improve future events. By asking questions on the speakers, staff, and content-you'll have a better understanding of what people gained by attending and what they enjoyed most. The seminar evaluation form sample also asks how people heard about the event and what their job title is, which will help you market more successfully for future events.

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