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University/School: Faculty Satisfaction Survey

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A happy faculty leads to lower staff turnover and more successful students, as well as providing a positive learning environment. School or university administrators and department heads will appreciate how easy our customizable online Faculty Satisfaction Survey makes it for you to assess the overall satisfaction level your faculty feels for their job, their peers, and other key factors. You'll have time to address any concerns quickly - before the problem grows or your faculty member decides to look for other opportunities elsewhere.

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Use our online faculty satisfaction questionnaire to ask your teaching staff to anonymously respond to essential questions about your educational institution's governance, resources, professional development, institutional climate, and student body. Find out how they really feel about their current salary level, any bonuses available, and fringe benefits. You'll keep more of your current teaching staff and attract higher-quality candidates for any open positions by ensuring that your faculty stays happy, fulfilled, and satisfied at your school, college, or university!

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