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So, you've just thrown the perfect mixer (go you!) and now a bunch of people want to join your org. Collect their information instantly and all in one place with our Membership Form Template. Simply embed our membership application form into your website or email it to potential members to quickly gather personal information from applicants. They can sign up to be a member of your organization and complete the application-all in one step!

What's in the Membership Form?

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Our customizable membership sign up form is particularly handy for organizations that rely on participants for fundraising efforts. Applicants can choose their level of membership and pay the accompanying fees with Wufoo Payments. The membership application form also includes detailed personal contact information and gives newcomers an opportunity to reach out with comments or questions. But it really doesn't matter whether you're a political organization, or just organized a Dungeons and Dragons group-you can onboard new members instantly with our membership application form.

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