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While some view college hazing as a time-honored tradition, today there is a real awareness of the potential dangers and damage that can result. Use our customizable online Hazing Survey form to learn more about specific hazing behavior at your school, college, or university in order to better understand the various factors involved, and then work swiftly and effectively to prevent dangerous hazing from occurring.

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Fraternity hazing and sorority hazing have both been known to get out of hand - too often leading to harmful or deadly results and damaged school reputations. Get ahead of the issue and send out our online college hazing questionnaire to your students. Ask for gender, sports they are involved in, whether or not they have been hazed, and at what school level hazing occurred. Find out where hazing has happened: in a sorority/fraternity, performing arts group, honor society, sports team or club, academic club, or other organization. More importantly, discover the type of hazing involved - including alcohol, exposure to harsh weather, embarrassing clothing or actions, drudge duties, or even sexual acts. Learn whether or not students who have been hazed themselves have gone on to haze others, and why. Customize your form to fit the specific activities and concerns that are most relevant to your school, and get a handle on hazing activities.

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