Wufoo Users get 50% Off at Outright.com

Outright.com, a bookkeeping service focused on streamlining the work involved with making some money and a living, helping entrepreneurs pay the right taxes, and record financial transactions, has been generous enough to extend a 50% discount to all Wufoo.com users who use their new feature to automatically file their 1099 forms, which are required if you use outside contractors.

Wufoo Users get 50% off at Outright.com

Starting soon, Outright.com will e-file your 1099s via a feature that takes almost all the work out of your hands. While Outright already collects and manages the W-9 taxpayer identification you need from every contractor, that list is accessible to anybody by logging in at http://outright.com/taxes/forms/w9. But if you don’t want to handle the dirty work involved with filing a 1099-MISC form then they handle that for a small fee.

If you’d like to get in on this action, or just try any of their other bookkeeping features, then head over to http://outright.com/contractors/1099 and enter “Wufoo1099” as the coupon code for 50% off when you check out of each 1099 you file.


  • Isn’t it a little confusing to give 50% off a FREE service? Outright’s marketing could be more forthright. Information about how they actually charge you is buried.

    Posted January 18th, 2010 by Anthony.
  • We did convey the offer in a rather confusing way didn’t we?

    Yes, Outright.com is free, and we’ll do your bookkeeping and help with taxes at no cost. As it pertains to your contractors, we auto-identify those that need a 1099 based on your expenses and even collect their taxpayer identification (form W9) as part of the free service.

    With all that, you can easily file the 1099s on your own; if instead, you’d like us to file your 1099s, we do it all automatically, there is a $5 filing associated with each 1099. The discount cuts that to $2.50

    Posted January 18th, 2010 by Paul @ Outright.

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