Wufoo Mad iPad Giveaway!

Hey everyone, we think the new iPad is super duper and decided to have a little fun by giving away a free iPad! It’s going to be the really good one too. You know the one all the bells and whistles–3G and max disk space (we won’t be paying your monthly 3G, though). In true Wufoo fashion, we’ve converted one of our forms to help you play a little Mad Lib game we came up with. All you have to do is fill out a Wufoo form and then you’re entered.

###Who can win?

You have to be in the United States, 18 years old or older and can’t live anywhere where playing our game or winning this prize breaks any laws. Basically, void where prohibited.

###How often can I play?

Only one entry per person and we’ll stop taking registrations on **Thursday, April 15th, 2010 at 10:00pm EST**.

###When do you give the iPad away?

We’ll do a random drawing from the registrations and tweets about the contest after the registration closes. We’ll announce the winner on our blog on **Friday, April 16th, 2010**. Please note that while we’ve pre-ordered one, the iPad with 3G isn’t shipping till the end of April and so if you win, you’ll have to wait a bit. Don’t worry, we’ll get it to you soon as it comes in.

###What about my info?

Don’t worry, we would never sell your data or use it to send spam to you. The only emails you’ll get from this is the confirmation email saying you successfully registered and an email sharing the winner of the giveaway. We’ll probably look at some of the Mad Libs and share some of the funny ones on our blog, but after the contest is over, we’re going to delete all the data and it’ll be like you were never here. Secret agent style.

###Why are you doing this?

We like Mad Libs and we think the new iPad is going to be great. So we came up with something to put the two together. If you need a business reason, we thought it would be a fun way for people to learn about and play with what we make.

Thanks and have fun!


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