Wufoo Launches!

After moving to Silicon Valley, 6 months of development, and many many caffeinated beverages, we’re proud to announce that Wufoo has launched and is open to the public.

Wufoo is an Internet application that helps anybody build amazing online forms. When you design a form with Wufoo, it automatically builds the database, backend and scripts needed to make collecting and understanding your data easy, fast and fun. Because we host everything, all you need is a browser, an Internet connection and a few minutes to build a form and start using it right away.

These were some of the most intense months of our lives and we thank our family, friends, investors, beta testers, the community, and the corner store that was open late and had an endless supply of Sunkist for helping us make it out alive.


  • Congratulations on the launch guys!
    We think this is going to be huge.

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Aneil Weber.
  • Nice work y’all!

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Scott Raymond.
  • Congratulations!

    A bit bumpy, but off to a great start! We’re all very excited to watch wufoo’s growth.

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Michael Halligan.
  • I really really really like it. I’ve shown it to a few people in the office here (the non-designer types) and they’ve practically exploded (in a “wow, we never knew this would be so easy sort of way”). The export as Excel function is particularly classy.

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Brian Warren.
  • Do you want to say who you are and a bit about your business`plan?

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Me.
  • Glad you’re enjoying wufoo so far!

    If you’d like to learn more about us, you can check out the about page. Right now our business plan is to work with our customers in oder to create the best form builder possible. We’ll also talk more about wufoo and where we’re headed right here on the blog.

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Chris Campbell.
  • This looks like its gonna be great. I look forward to the API. I have enjoyed seeing you progress from a website to Particletree to wufoo. Best of luck!

    BTW, thanks for the beta discount, makes for an even sweeter deal.

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Ken.
  • Congrats!
    Thanks to digg/delicious, luckly I tried out wufoo while it’s still hot. 😉
    Nice little web apps. Good implementation of ajax but still lots of space to explore, like slider, etc.
    I had similar plan too, but instead of targeting MS Infopath, I’d probably start small with surveys.

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Yong.
  • w00t! Congrats!

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by alexis.
  • Congrats on the public launch! I know this service is going to do great. I’m looking forward to hearing about the future plans. In the mean time, I’ll be enjoying my subscription to this outstanding application.

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Reggie.
  • Hey guys. This looks really great. I’m jealous of your design. Like, really jealous. It looks like you’ve thought about all the right things. I’m going to play around with a free account tomorrow and hopefully write up an article. More press for startups!

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Sean McBride.
  • hi guys, like everybody i want to gratulate you. i am running a blog about balboa dancing with workshops registration and it makes life much easier for me, except when your server is down…
    i am in berlin, germany, and do you think about making a german localisation? it would be much better for me specially with some typical us fields format like date, name etc…
    keep on making this good job and thanks for the beta discout.

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Philippe.
  • Everyone needs a hug. And you deserved a biiig one.

    And I like to follow Philippe’s request: german localisation would be great and please less server downtimes.

    Thanks, have a nice day!

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Booga.
  • This site is awesome! I love the design, and will probably start designing my forms with wufoo in mind! Congrats on the launch and look forward to using this!

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Tony.
  • Wufuoo is great, thanks

    I put a form on my shopify selling/beta/test site here:


    Posted July 5th, 2006 by wayne sutton.
  • Love it. Paid for it. Will continue to pay for it. And will recommend others pay for it. @#%*^&# love this app!

    Can’t wait to see the shopping cart function soon! 😉

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Marc Trimble.
  • Can’t wait to see what you guys have next!

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Neil Patel.
  • love the way the About page is written. very fun, personable, easy to read 🙂

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Dave McClure.
  • Thanks guys your product Rocks, I love it 😀

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Rob.
  • wufoo rocks! It’s just enjoyable to use it!

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Ng Wai Mun, Paul.
  • Everyone needs a hug.

    Chris, Ryan and Kevin

    Congratulations guys on going public. Best wishes for the future. It certainly looks bright !

    Love to all

    Pop Pop

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by bill campbell.
  • Everyone needs a hug.

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Johnny Moxon.
  • Everyone needs a hug.

    Great work boys!! This gonna fly! Make sure you get at least 15 minutes of sleep tonight, you’ve earned it.

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Johnny Moxon.
  • Here’s a link to an independent review of wufoo and a sample (live) input form: “wufoo Challenges InfoPath for Form-Based Web Data Entry

    Roger Jennings
    OakLeaf Systems

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Roger Jennings.
  • Hey guys, we were just wondering whose icons you are using in wufoo.

    Cheers, Galen

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Galen.
  • Congratulations… I ‘m gonna use your tool for my thesis ! You have saved me !

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Chrys.
  • Hi Galen,

    We use FAMFAMFAM for most of the icons.

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Chris Campbell.
  • Wow. wufoo is so sweet. I just used it for a site survey and I am pleased. I haven’t actually spent money on an internet application in so long.

    Posted July 5th, 2006 by Jonathan.

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