Wufoo at Office 2.0

Hey everyone, just got back from San Francisco where I had a blast showing off Wufoo in a round of Blitz Demonstrations at the [Office 2.0 Conference](http://www.office20con.com/). I had a lot of fun watching some of the other companies do their best with the constraints. It was an interesting challenge compressing Wufoo’s essence into a five minute demo but we did alright. Out of 15 presentations, we were excited to take home 2nd Place for best demo!

The best part of the conference was meeting all the awesome people I’ve interacted with face to face. I had some great conversations with Avi and Andrew of [DabbleDB](http://dabbledb.com) and the Bezinger brothers, [Tim](http://www.timbenzinger.com/) and [Brian](http://solutionwatch.com). For those not in the know, the Benzingers are identical twins and only 19. They have some pretty neat stuff up their sleeves and I look forward to see what they’re going to be putting out in the next few months.

I was also pleased to finally meet [Ismael Ghalimi](http://itredux.com), who put together a really impressive event in a very short amount of time. Here’s some Wufoo trivia for you: Ismael was Wufoo’s very first beta tester. After some begging on his end and disclaimers about “sketchiness” on ours, Ismael used Wufoo to take submissions for his Office 2.0 directory. There’s not doubt that he’s passionate about this space and we’re glad he invited us to come out there and be a part of it.

In other news, Chris got married last weekend and Ryan fullfilled his duties as best man by taking part in some pretty ridiculous debauchery. That does it for the news, we’re finally settled into post-conference, post-Honeymoon and post-hangover mode and ready to start kicking it again. Get ready for an awesome week!


  • You guys had a great presentation. I went looking for it on your site and I couldn’t find one of the pages you flashed up that talked about forms building from the user’s perspective. It just had a handful of items but it succinctly stated the end user perspective on the value of wufoo. If you can figure out what I am talking about please drop me a pointer or a copy, I would like to blog about it because I thought it was the most clever aspect of any of the presentations.

    Posted October 16th, 2006 by Sean Murphy.
  • Hey Sean, I just emailed you the file. Let me know if you need anything else.

    Posted October 16th, 2006 by Kevin Hale.

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