We’ve noticed that our [feature request forum]( has been getting quite a work out lately. Because we can’t attack every new idea simultaneously, we’ve created a little Roadmap To Do List on our blog to communicate to our users what we’re focusing on (and finishing) behind the scenes. This is not to say features won’t show up that’s not on this list (we’re adding and tweaking stuff all the time) or be completed out of order (you’ll notice the Submit API still isn’t worked out). We’re just hoping this will give everyone a broad overview of our vision and priorities for Wufoo.

To learn more about a feature we’re working on in the list, just click on the question mark beside it and a little description will hopefully convince you that it’ll make Wufoo a better product because of it. And for you impatient types out there, remember these features are being worked on in addition to other activities like answering support requests, pulling pranks on Ryan, fixing bugs, spreading the word, optimizing code and making sure everyone is having fun.


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