Integrate Wufoo Forms and Collect Web Hook Data With Microsoft's WebMatrix Development Environment


Today Microsoft has announced a new Web Authoring platform which makes it easy for anyone to create a new web site. Listed among the illustrious bevy of open-source projects integrated with WebMatrix sits Wufoo, your favorite form builder! For those involved in .NET programming or interested in learning a new platform, read on.

Microsoft describes WebMatrix’s feature list this way:

>Start from any of the built-in or online templates or any of the free popular open source web applications. Users can customize their site using the code and database editor within WebMatrix. Publish your site and databases to your hosting provider or choose from a gallery of hosting providers that are compatible with the web site you build. Once a hosting package is selected and configured, WebMatrix then seamlessly publishes the site and database to the web. With WebMatrix you can use ASP.NET Web Pages including a new easy-to-learn programming model called ‘Razor’, or you can also use PHP or classic ASP.

The Wufoo Helper add on for WebMatrix assists in two Wufoo-related tasks from within the authoring environment. First, a user of this platform may embed a Wufoo form on any of their pages using WebMatrix syntax. Second, there is integration with our [Web Hook]( “Wufoo WebHook Integration”) notifications. This can be a great help for those folks wishing to perform custom logic on Wufoo submissions, back up their Wufoo data in real time, or anything else that requires special post processing of data immediately after it is submitted. This platform makes it simple to set up a page which will respond to Wufoo’s Web Hook POST and marshall the parameters into a pre-defined object.

Take a look at our partner page for WebMatrix for a demonstration video and more information. Thanks goes out to Microsoft for their work on this integration and a hearty cheers as a welcome into our Wufoo Wingman Program.

On a personal note, this is a humbling experience which is mixed with a twinge of nostalgia. You see, Ryan and I got our start programming with Visual Studio, so to have software we’re responsible for integrated within a descendent of our first programming environment is a bit surreal.

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