Turn Your Team Into CRM All-Stars with Solve CRM & Wufoo

Looking for an all-star player to organize your team’s daily workflow? Look no further. Solve– a modern cloud-based CRM- has teamed up with the power of Wufoo forms in order to capture leads directly from your website.

Once you’ve gotten a new prospect, you need to figure out a game plan – how do you groom your newest player until they’re ready to become a paying (or playing!) customer? Now that Solve has integrated with Wufoo, your new prospect’s instantly available. Not only will your team see data from many sources in a single user-interface but it’s a snap for Wufoo users who can tap into the power of Wufoo’s Login API key – making life easier for everyone.

To Use This Integration

1. You’ll need an account with Wufoo and Solve. Wufoo has both free and paid plans and check out Solve’s pricing plans here.

2. Whip up a form in Wufoo with all of the data fields you want to capture. Be sure to name the fields exactly the same as in your Solve account and make sure they’re the same field types.

3. Watch the video below on how to hookup that form into your Solve account and if you can keep yourself from whistling along to that tune, extra three points to you (we couldn’t help ourselves):

Big shout-outs to Alex, Rahul, Steve and Mike for working on such a slam-dunk integration! If you’re looking to integrate your web app with Wufoo, check out our Ultimate Guide to Integrating with Wufoo.

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