Sweet Tower of Babel! Wufoo Forms are Fluent in 46 Languages!

If you’re one of our many resident polyglots, you’ll be excited to know that we’ve been hard at work developing our [Broca’s area](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broca’s_area) to take the foreign language support on your Wufoo forms to the next level. We’ve got 46 fully translated language packs, 100 new translated strings for each language, 1 completely new language and proper support for our right-to-left languages.


Language Names in Native Tongue

##46 Translated Languages + Increased Vocabulary!

Up to this point, all of the translations available for Wufoo forms were made possible thanks to the efforts of our own users, who donated time and energy to make our form’s system and error messages accessible in other languages. Unfortunately, most of these translations became incomplete whenever we added new features that required new strings to be translated, which was fairly often.

We are therefore delighted to announce, thanks to the help of our new comrades from SurveyMonkey’s International Team, that we’ve gone ahead and professionally translated all of the language packs we had in various stages of translation **(over 45 languages!)** and will be able to commit to updating new strings as they become available with new features. Yay!

You can check out our good work over on our updated [Wufoo Translation Preview](http://www.wufoo.com/translate/). Languages are now labeled in their native language and if you want to use them on your forms, just change the language preference under the [Form Settings](https://help.wufoo.com/articles/en_US/kb/Form-Builder/form-settings/) tab when editing / creating your forms.

While updating the translations, we also added over **100 new strings** to each language pack, which means your forms basically doubled their vocabulary for every language. We’ve still got a bit more work to do, but we think you’ll like your forms appearing a bit more native to your users. As always, if you notice anything awry with any of our translations, please do let us know.

##Welcome to the Party Armenian!

That’s right, friends. The ability to use [Armenian](http://www.wufoo.com/translate/public/armenian/) on Wufoo forms is brand spanking new. Now you can create forms in the native language of our favorite landlocked country. Մեծ!

##Right-to-Left Language Support!

Before today, forms in [Arabic](http://www.wufoo.com/translate/public/arabic/), [Hebrew](http://www.wufoo.com/translate/public/hebrew/) and [Persian](http://www.wufoo.com/translate/public/persian/) could not do the [Cupid Shuffle](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h24_zoqu4_Q). 🙁 But not anymore! Now, when you set your form’s language preference to any of these right-to-left languages in the builder, you’ll see the layouts change appropriately on these forms to display properly to your users.


We took a lot of care to make sure that we got as many details right on this one as possible. You’ll notice that the form’s logo, the field instructions, the label layout (yes, our RTL support even handles left and right aligned labels), pagination navigation and even [payment integration pages](http://www.flickr.com/photos/wufoo/6026538583/) all change accordingly when using these languages. These changes are also reflected in the [Entry Manager](https://help.wufoo.com/articles/en_US/kb/Entry-Manager/) for your convenience.


A lot of people helped on this project (past and present), but I want to throw some shout outs to Simone Kriz from the [SurveyMonkey](http://surveymonkey.com) team and Hiroko McCoy from [ABLE](http://www.ableinnovations.com/) for helping us coordinate all these new translations. Thanks also go to our own Alex for painstaking going through the bowels of our code to find those 100 new strings for each language.


  • Have you included support for other decimal separators than “.”?

    Posted August 9th, 2011 by Gustav Foseid.
  • Very good job !

    Will the address field also adapt according to the language in a near future as well ? For example, in French, there are no “State / Province / Region” in a postal address. Therefore, users do not complete it and get the error message when the field is required although they filled it correctly which results in users claiming the form does not work. As a result, we always have to create an address field from scratch with multiple text fields every time which is quite tedious and frustrating since there is a great specific field for that.

    Posted August 9th, 2011 by Mike.
  • Very nice. wufoo continues to help companies reach larger audiences. This is the first improvement I’ve seen that came directly from the Surveymonkey deal. Maybe it can work out?

    Posted August 9th, 2011 by Daniel Woodward.
  • Hey Mike, the State/Province/Region field is not a required subfield for the Address field in wufoo. Only Street Address, City, Zip and Country. We changed it a few months ago for your very reason.

    Posted August 9th, 2011 by Kevin Hale.
  • Hey Gustav, this was a language update and so the data display and number fields were not part what we had planned. However, proper separators appropriate to region is planned down the road.

    Posted August 9th, 2011 by Kevin Hale.
  • That’s just awesome. Any chance of getting Cambodian some day?

    Posted August 9th, 2011 by Jared.
  • Wow, really nice update. I love the way wufoo works, I have it alive and kicking on my website!

    Thnx alot!

    Grtz from Holland

    Posted August 9th, 2011 by Arne Bureau.
  • I found out that is not in Albanian language. I’m using it a lot in English and I can work with the form in Albanian but there is a mix, so if it would be translated in Albanian it would be great for over 7million Albanian speaking people. thanks for your good work

    Posted August 9th, 2011 by Endrit.
  • Do you have to apply the translations yourself to the form or if you select the language from the Language drop down in Form Settings, should it translate the form instantly? My form didn’t translate and is still in English. Need to translate an English form into German. Thanks for your help, love the system!

    Posted August 9th, 2011 by Vickie.
  • Any chance you will localize the country list as well? Right now, no matter what language I select, it shows in English. Which means the “Address” fancy-pants option is unusable in any language except English, forcing me to create a bunch of custom fields myself, to the point that wufoo is no longer a viable option.

    Posted August 9th, 2011 by Arnaud H.
  • wow it now supports my language, persian! 😀

    Posted August 9th, 2011 by john.
  • THis is GREAT NEWS! as we tried Arabic with our annual survey last year, and we never got it to work…we’re getting updates translated now; can’t wait to try it out/get feedback from the team and the survey respondents. THANKS!

    Posted August 9th, 2011 by polygotPEP.

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