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We are halfway through the BarCamp Tour, where we travel around with our friends Shopify, Batchbook, MailChimp, and Grasshopper to different cities BarCamps helping them make the event as best as it can be.

Wufoo Hearts Tech Events Blog Post

While we can’t make it to every single BarCamp, we still love every single Barcamp! We want to see the tech community in every city thrive. We’d like to offer any BarCamp, Refresh, Ignite, Startup Weekend, or other similar tech event a **free** Bona Fide level account here at Wufoo. To get yours, just fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.

How will a Wufoo account help your tech event, you ask? You could use it to:

– Create a registration form for the event.
– Collect money at registration if your event is a paid event.
– Export spreadsheets to help organize, like make checkin sheets for the big day.
– Send out a survey to your attendees afterward to get feedback on the event.
– **Save time!** All this takes a fraction of the time of building these things yourself, allowing you to focus on the event itself.


  • Bravo! I’ve been using wufoo for 5 years to manage our annual ScienceOnline conference in North Carolina. wufoo has been a superb tool, and our attendees – from all over the world – regularly comment on how flawless our registration tools (read: wufoo) work.

    Posted August 16th, 2011 by Anton Zuiker.
  • This is great news~ I am part of the organizing committee of startup weekend Taipei (which held 1st time August 12-14), and registration and payment was one of our huge logistic effort.

    Hopefully through our next event next year in Feb 2011, we will give wufoo a try. Myself has been using the service more than 1 year now, and really appreciate the great things! Keep up the great work

    Posted August 16th, 2011 by David.

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