Design Out-of-This-World Websites with SpaceCraft and Wufoo

Buckle those seatbelts, dear friends. You’re in for a stellar ride with our latest integration. But fear not–you won’t have to travel far. Our newest integration with SpaceCraft—a fully hosted website publishing platform that’s truly out of this world—is in the business of making your business look good (really good) on the web.

You can showcase images, and now your Wufoo forms, in stunning galleries with options like adjustable padding and auto-cropping to help “create a rich, visual representation of your story and business.” Best of all, SpaceCraft specializes in designing websites that will seamlessly scale across mobile, tablet and PC.

No need to worry about your customers squinting, tapping, pinching or otherwise shaking their fist at the sky trying to view your site. Everything will be optimized. We love the sound of that here at Wufoo and so we’re thrilled at partnering up.

To Use This Integration

1. In the “Forms” section of your Wufoo account, select the “Code” button and click the “API Information” button on the next page.
2. Highlight and copy the API Key that appears, select your account and copy the subdomain of your brand new form.
3. Return to your SpaceCraft account and sign in, select “Connections” > “Forms” > “Connect” in the Wufoo block.
4. Type in the subdomain you chose for your Wufoo account, paste in the API Key and click “Save”.
5. Go to the page where you want the form to live, click “Add content blocks” and add the “Form block.” Simply choose the form you created from the drop-down list and you’re good to go.

Check out SpaceCraft’s handy how-to video for another look.

High-fives all around to the entire crew of SpaceCraft for a fantastic integration—we’re excited to see what folks will be able to accomplish.

As always, leave us any questions in the Comments section below!

Want to join our integration family? Visit our Ultimate Guide to Integrating with Wufoo and get started today.


  • I like these integrations but I feel like wufoo is getting passed by. The UI of reports, form entries, etc feels like it’s stuck in the early 2000s. Such a good product too. And I feel certain things like dynamic use of URL variables could be easier or at least I wish it was cleaner. Lastly, a mini cart that would allow our customers to use the payment stuff but keep a running total throughout their site would eliminate having to utilize another service for shopping functionality.

    Posted April 3rd, 2014 by HC.
  • @HC: thanks for your feedback. We really care about wufoo and making it better than ever and really do appreciate feedback and comments like yours. Keep them coming and we’ll continue to help make wufoo better than ever.

    Posted April 3rd, 2014 by Johan Lieu.
  • The best implementation of a cart that’s easy to integrate and doesn’t conflict with an already established site is the open-source PayPal Minicart. I’ve used it for years, especially for non-profits. It’s wufoo-dropdead-easy and it looks good. Something like this alone would take wufoo up a few notches and make you the best total solution for capturing form data and simple e-commerce needs.

    Posted April 3rd, 2014 by HC.

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