Scheduled Downtime This Weekend

This post is to inform you that we will be performing maintenance on Wufoo this coming Saturday. The scheduled outage is:

Saturday, March 1st, 2008
7:00pm EST – 8:00pm EST
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While the scheduled time slot is one hour, we do want to alert you to the potential of delays. Wufoo is unique in the way that each account is isolated for security, which can cause unexpected behavior when performing updates. If this setup interferes with the work we will be performing Saturday, a full transfer to the new hardware must be done. This transfer would take approximately 5 hours. Our initial testing shows that we should be able to avoid this, but we want to give you the heads up to make you aware of everything going on.

The downtime is for the addition of hardware that will improve performance, stability and add enhancements to our backup procedures. While the system is unavailable, all Wufoo pages will show a maintenance screen and public forms and reports will show a text message (black text on white background) explaining that the form is undergoing maintenance. Please prepare your sites appropriately. Thanks for bearing with us as we continue to grow.

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