Form Builder Upgrades

Hi friends, we hope everyone had a swell round of holidays these last few weeks. As always, the Wufoo Team has been busy as beavers behind-the-scenes improving security, fixing bugs and writing code to scale our backend seamlessly with our rapidly growing community of users.

Form Scheduling

We’ve also rolled out an awesome set of upgrades to our interface that you may or may not have seen, but we’d like to introduce to you now!

###Form Scheduling

If you’re running a contest or application based on a date schedule, you’ll love this. Under the Form Settings Tab, you can now specify start and end dates for your form to be active and accepting submissions. The form will then only be active during the dates specified and now you don’t have to wait up until midnight with your contest to make sure your form stops accepting submissions on your deadline.

Entry Limit

###Entry Limit

For those of using Wufoo for contests and applications that need to throttle their submissions to the first 100 entries, this feature is for you. Under the Form Settings Tab, you can now specify the maximum number of entries that your form can accept. Once you have reached that many entries, the form will stop accepting submissions.


###Field Encryption

In an effort to bring more peace of mind to our users collecting sensitive data, we’ve provided an additional Ecryption setting for our Single Line Text fields.

Encrypted fields can only be read by a machine with a specific key and password that we keep hidden and protected, so if the data on our servers were to somehow be compromised it still couldn’t be read.

Why don’t we encrypt all data collected by Wufoo? Well, because it’s resource intensive and makes submitting and accessing data a lot slower. Additionally, the following limitations are in place on our system that applies specifically to encrypted fields:

– You are allowed a maximum of 5 encrypted fields per form.
– Once you encrypt a field, you cannot remove the encryption later.
– They are NOT sent in notification emails (because emails are not secure).
– They CANNOT be searched/filtered in the Entry Manager, only viewed.

Based on these limitations, it is important for you decide carefully which fields deserves encryption and to see if it’s worth the tradeoffs listed above. An example of a field deserving encryption would be sensitive financial data like Bank Account numbers. [Learn More about Encryption](


  • Greetings,

    Loving wufoo and glad to hear about the recent advances! Could you please tell me if the possibility is there on the wufoo forms I use to limit character input to 160 characters? my web site ( uses a form to gather text message (sms) messages from potential customers and it would help greatly to limit the character input of the text message to 160 characters. Can you help me do that?


    Posted February 19th, 2008 by Alan Palmer.
  • Excellent! Thanks so much for field encryption.

    Posted February 19th, 2008 by Tony.
  • If you’re using the text message notifications that we offer in the Notification Settings, then we trim every message down to 160 automatically.

    Posted February 19th, 2008 by Ryan Campbell.
  • Well done. Thanks guys!

    Posted February 19th, 2008 by Shawn.
  • um, you spelled “ecryption” wrong in the third heading

    Posted February 19th, 2008 by noreply.
  • I love the Entry Limit and Form Scheduling, but is there a way after the limit has been met or after the schedule date to have a redirect to a statement page?

    Something I can preset in a page that informs the user that the deadline is passed, or the maximum number of entries has been met… A thanks and “better luck next time” type of thing.

    Maybe you already have this and I don’t recognize it.

    Posted February 19th, 2008 by Laura.

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