OnePageCRM + Wufoo: Watch Our Webinar

Whether you’re looking to grow your book club or seeking out fresh volunteers for your nonprofit, Wufoo is a great way to gather data from your audience. Putting a form together is a cinch and fast–you can start collecting that information within a few minutes.

The next big question? What to do with that great new info, especially if you’re trying to use it to drive new leads for your business.

Our friends at OnePageCRM take the complex task of managing leads and using productivity principles, create a to-do list from your leads. With a ton of sales and contact management functionality plus a mobile app to handle leads while you’re on-the-go, it’s quite the powerful solution to ensure you stay on top of your contacts and follow-up opportunities.

OnePageCRM has created an integration with us so you can take new lead information right from your Wufoo form and place it right smack into OnePageCRM. Recently, we joined forces and held a webinar to talk about how to create forms designed to maximize conversions.

Behold the webinar in all its glory here:

For even more information on our integration, mosey on over here.

Questions? Leave ’em in the Comments section per usual, we check daily.


  • Looks like a great integration. Anything that takes away a pain of manually entering data into the system is welcomed!

    Posted August 6th, 2015 by Tom.
  • From wufoo’s email – “The experts at OnePageCRM show you how to build wufoo forms that are optimized for conversion.” Did I miss something? Where are the tips on optimizing the form to get conversions?

    Posted August 6th, 2015 by Dave.

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