New Redesigned Share Page Makes It Easier To Share Your Forms

Today we released a new streamlined and redesigned Share page (the artist formerly known as the Code Manager) in the Wufoo Form Manager. We cleaned up a lot of the clutter to make it easier than ever for you to share your form where you users and customers are. Let’s walk through some of the changes and new features:

Share Is The New Code

The most obvious change we’ve made is to rename the “Code Manager” to “Share”. We’ve also updated the button on the Form Manager from “Code” to “Share” to make it even clearer how to share your form. This change is a long time coming since Wufoo has offered plenty of ways to share forms that wasn’t just code.

Cleaned Up Interface

Previously, the Code Manager was a mess of hidden tabs and it was difficult to figure out what you needed to share your form the way that you wanted to. In the redesign, we did away with a lot of unused features and clutter and removed the tab structure and instead broke out the various methods you can share your form into three parts: links, social sharing, and embedding your form.

The first section is fairly straightforward. This is the traditional permanent link to your form that will never change, perfect for sharing with colleagues or customers in an IM chat, email, or any other ways you share links.

The second section is other methods of sharing, primarily on Twitter, Facebook, or email. More about this section below.

And the final section is where you’ll find the code snippets to embed your Wufoo form on your own site, or even on your WordPress site/blog.

Social Sharing

With this update, we’ve also added two new ways to share your form. You can now easily post and share your Wufoo form to your Twitter or Facebook account. No more copying and pasting links and bouncing between tabs!

To do so, simply click either the button of the social network of your choice and a new window will appear asking you to log in to your Twitter or Facebook account. If you’re already logged in, you’ll see the sharing prompt where you can modify your message before sharing. Click the share button and boom, you’re done! A link to your Wufoo form has been automatically shared to your social network of choice increasing your form’s reach and visibility.


We’re really happy with how the new Share page looks like and think it makes it a lot easier for you to share your forms with your users and customers. We know it’s a big change so we’d love to hear what you think about the new Share page below.


Updated 12/8/2014: Based off your overwhelming feedback, we’ve updated the new Share page to include the previously removed Short Link URL to the links section. We’ve also added a new section named Advanced Sharing Methods which includes complete HTML/CSS download of your form and the iframe embed for circumstances where Javascript is unavailable. These last two features are for advanced users and we suggest that the majority of users use the preferred methods of sharing or embedding their forms (permanent link or Javascript embeds). You can read more about these updates in this blog post.


  • Thanks for updating… is there still a short code that has the name of the file in it? I have several forms for a repeating event, just different weeks, and the short name with the form name on it helped with confusion. Thoughts? Ideas?

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Athena Adkins.
  • @Athena: The url with the title of your form as the identifier was removed to help simplify the experience and reduce errors. Many users would share the url with form name identifier then go back and edit their form’s title, which broke the previously shared links. With the permanent link URL, this makes sure that people can change their links without having to worry if their previously shared links are broken.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Johan Lieu.
  • I strongly prefer having the URL with the form name in it. I’m upset that it’s missing now. My clients (and I) would like to look at that URL in an email, and know exactly which form they’re clicking on – at a glance. It was descriptive and familiar and logical and felt safe to click. Unfortunately, using the “permanent link URL” with a long string of random letters and numbers feels like a step back. I’ll look at my client email archive now, and I won’t know which form I asked my clients to fill out. I’m bumming out here! I get the whole change-form-title-change-form-URL problem you mentioned above, but I learned to carefully choose my titles. And the problems it caused were mine to manage. Is there a compromise solution? Can we create a “permanent link URL” at the beginning with one of your signature warnings in red (Choose wisely! You can’t change this later!)?

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Mike Murphy.
  • How do you download the files now?
    I personally never embed with the snippet. I download the file and pull the form action, field names and form hash so that I have easy control over the HTML and CSS of the form.

    Am I going to have to view the form in the browser and view source in order to do this? The download option was very convenient.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Joe.
  • Mike: Use the link shortening/customizing service to create a very short url that you can customize the name of. Link the new, short and customized url to the corresponding wufoo form url.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Dom.
  • What happened to the iFrame embed? I NEED THIS. I use iframes because some of my forms load in non visible content tabs, only shown to my user if they click on the content tab containing the form.

    The embed doesn’t work forms in hidden content areas. Only iframes.

    PLEASE put the iframe embed code back in the page.

    Also, I second what Joe said above. I don’t often use the pure form HTML, but there have been a few occasions where I did because I needed to manipulate the form layout.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Rob.
  • First off, thanks for your feedback on the more advanced features that you guys were using.

    @Mike: That’s a good suggestion. I can’t make any promises about the short url returning since it was very problematic for large amounts of users, so for the time being, I’d agree with @Dom and suggest using a url shortening service like if you truly need custom urls now.

    @Joe: For the time being, that’ll be the best way to grab that information. Is there a specific reason why you’re doing that versus just using the wufoo hosted form?

    @Rob: Are you having problems with the Javascript embed for hidden content areas? If you view this example (excuse the design, it was quick & dirty) code you can see I’ve set up a tabular navigation and have a JS embedded form in the 3rd tab.


    Can you explain how you’re implementing embeds where the JS version isn’t working for you? If you want, you can write into Support ( to work with you to figure it out.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Johan Lieu.
  • Off topic but hoping it will be seen. How can I ensure Google does not pick up the wufoo URL itself directly (the one loading into the iFrame) and display that by itself as one of the search engine “hits” when searching on keywords associated with our advertising campaign? We obviously don’t want people going to a “page” that has nothing but the bare-bones wufoo form itself with no campaign information or links to information about the school itself. This is a real problem. I have examined the iframe code in a variety of browsers and found inconsistencies — some will have the meta tag set for “noindex, nofollow” while in other browsers it is set specifically TO index and follow — which we do NOT want. And why are there no wufoo guides or helps or options for just saying no, don’t follow this form? If there are, I cannot locate them. Please help. Email response welcomed.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Rynne Cowham.
  • I see your point but we exclusively use iframes and downloaded HTML. This change is impacting our site at the worst possible time.
    Your “solution” means we can no longer intigrate with some of our systems. So all in all not great.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by GES.
  • @Rynee: please contact Support ( so that we can help you out in more detail.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Johan Lieu.
  • @GES: for your specific implementation, can you contact us at Support ( so that we can help you out?

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Johan Lieu.
  • Please restore the iframe embed codes. The JS and WordPress versions do not work when dropped into existing shortcodes.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Kelly.
  • What will happen to the old iframe embed codes? Will they still be supported by wufoo? If so, for how long?

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Simon.
  • @Simon: existing iframes will continue to work as they always have.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Johan Lieu.
  • @Johan Lieu
    Thanks for the feedback!

    The reason for downloading the form is to use my own HTML. I find using the embed with templates and linking to a hosted overwriting css file is way too time consuming. I write out the code and just change the form action and input names.

    I’d rather have complete control over the look and design of the form & use my own more elegant and seamless validation and just use wufoo for reliable email delivery, a submission database, and HTML email responders.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Joe.
  • Can we please get HTML code back asap??? Like Joe above, I always grab the HTML code and pull it into a customized HTML form. I do this for several clients on several forms.

    I will need to find another service if this option isn’t put back.

    I like how you made your options clearer, but I don’t understand why you would just suddenly eliminate features, which we have had available to us for YEARS.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Michael.
  • I always embed with the JavaScript but used the frame as a good fallback solution for users whom have JavaScript disabled. Can’t take these things for granted.
    I used to praise you guys and tell everyone to convert their forms to you. Since your acquisition not only do we see little to no improvements but now “improvements” that actually are incredible steps backward. Several of your competitors gave quickly surpassed you on feature, function, ease, and price.
    It is a real shame.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by brian.
  • Hi,

    I strongly agree with Mike Murphy (and others). It is a step backward not to have an “understandable” URL. Furthermore, Plateforms like SurveyMonkey offers to spell yourself the end (even entire with Platinium) of your URL. Another weekness with wufoo was using the form titel in non English languages like accents characters, we have/had to change over the title several time to find the best compromise for the URL produced.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Jan Strinning.
  • Hi.

    It seems to be simpler now, but something very important to me is missing : the code download.

    I’ve got a big problem here, since I nedd to use a form now.

    Is there any link somewhere ?
    Thanks by advance for your help.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by No.
  • I need a Iframe! I can’t emebed the javascript code in most of the places I need the code. Please give me a fix for this immediately.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Mike.
  • Really, the ability of download the HTML in an archive like before, is a very feature important for many of us.
    How can we do this now. Sharing by facebook email or embed code are good ideas.

    But the only thing I need, and why I’m paying for is the possibility to download and modifiy a code that I can integrate in my own designs without having to thing about PHP, JS or databases.

    Your service is simple and smart and helped me so many times ( with my present account and before).
    Now it’s becoming useless to me and i’m disappointed.

    I’m sure i’m not the only one.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by No.
  • @all: Thanks for your feedback and comments on the new Share page. We really do read each and everyone one of them! We are discussing all of your notes at the moment but in the meantime if you have any issues, please contact us at Support ( and we’ll help you out.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Johan Lieu.
  • The ability to download and style the HTML is completely critical. Without that, we’ll have to cancel.

    That’s a shame because wufoo was the perfect solution for us. And even worse, it came with no heads up at all. We just logged in and learned we’d lost our most important feature, and the one that caused us to go with wufoo in the first place.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Dustin Moore.
  • You took my money, and up until very recently this feature worked, and was the entire reason I signed up for this service. I’m in the midst of a project and now have to restart a whole batch of work that I hadn’t accounted for because I was relying on your service. Not making the js and jquery availbale sets my personal project back months. I am so, so, angry and disappointed. YOu had a great product, and just dumbed it down, rendering it far less useful to developers.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Becka.
  • Only just noticed this and it is a complete disaster that the download code is now missing.

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Jon M.
  • @Dustin/Becka/Jon: we’ve pushed an update this afternoon that returns the advanced features to the Share page. You can read about that update here:

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Johan Lieu.
  • @Rynne Cowham – Did you get an answer to this issue from Support Rynne?

    Posted December 3rd, 2014 by Daniel Rodrigues.
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