New Form Template: Valentine's Day Dinner Reservations

Next Monday, couples worldwide will be sending each other flowers, sharing candlelit dinners, and smooching the night away. For restaurants, this is a particularly busy time of the year since they’ll be preparing special menus and rearranging their floors to squeeze in more two-person tables. We’re hoping Wufoo can help lighten the load this season by helping you collect those reservations online via our new Valentine’s Day Dinner Reservations form template.

Valentine's Day Dinner Reservations

Template Highlights

  • The name fields are laid out next to each other using CSS Keywords leftHalf and rightHalf.
  • Right beneath them, the Vegetarian checkboxes are laid out the exact same way. Normally checkbox fields both have multiple choices and titles, but they don’t need to, as the case here.
  • The dropdown menu asks people how they would like to be contacted, either by phone or email. Depending on how they answer, Field Rules display the proper field. I know I would sure like to be asked this question on forms I fill out.
  • The time choices are laid out in a 3×3 grid by choosing the Three Columns option in that field’s settings.
  • The confirmation reminds people that filling out the form isn’t a final reservation, and they will be contacted to do that. Being clear about what happens after a form is filled out is good to set proper exceptions.
  • This form would be a good candidate for using the feature to shut off form submissions after a certain number of entries.

Use this Dinner Reservation Form Template

Like all forms in [our form gallery](, you can add [this form]( to your account with one click and customize it to fit your needs in Wufoo, or download the HTML/CSS if you want to just use the markup with your own scripts and databases.


  • This is spectacular. I’d love to use a form like this for scheduling all sorts of appointments. Can we limit the number of slots per time field? Example: My restaurant has three tables. After three 5:30 reservations are accepted that time slot becomes unavailable.

    Posted February 10th, 2011 by Mark Stanczak.
  • Yes, conditional limiting I wish I wish!!!

    Posted February 10th, 2011 by dave.
  • Not a feature at this time, sorry! In this particular form, the idea is to collect people’s desired time but follow up with them afterwords to confirm things. Or, If you were particularly quick reacting, you could jump into wufoo and remove that option as it filled up.

    Posted February 10th, 2011 by Chris Coyier.

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