Making Wufoo More Secure: SSL/HTTPS

SSLWe’ve recently made a very important change to way that we manage the security of your Wufoo experience and want to let you know about our decision to make this change.

Beginning on *9/17/2013*, we made the change to **enable HTTPS** by default for all forms, widgets, and reports. Previously, HTTPS was only available to customers on our Bona Fide or better plans, but we’ve now made it available for all users on **all plans** by default.

From now on, whenever you copy and paste your form URL to share with coworkers, customers, and others, you’ll notice that the URL now has **HTTPS** indicating that it will be served securely whenever someone views the form. When someone submits information? That’s right–secure.

This also applies if you use our [Code Manager]( to grab the embed code to place your form on your own site. Whether it’s via Javascript, iframe, or our WordPress Shortcode plugin, your form will be served over HTTPS and your information and data will be secure. Additionally, we’ve made this change for all **widgets** and **reports** in addition to **forms**, so anything you share will be secure by default.

This was a big and important change for us here at Wufoo and we feel that it was the right thing to do for you–our awesome customers.

From all of us…thanks again for using Wufoo.


## FAQ

1. **What if I’ve embedded my form using HTTP in the past?**

If you’ve embedded your form prior to 9/17, your form will still work. It was a big technical hurdle to ensure that enabling HTTPS by default for forms did not affect the many, many forms that were in use around the web.

2. **Can I still customize my secure form with my own logo or CSS?**

Yup! The only think you’ll need to do is to ensure that your logo is being securely hosted and that the logo will be served over HTTPS. This same goes for hosting your own CSS files for customizing the look of your forms. You can find more information about secure hosting [here](

3. **I’m having other issues with my forms since the update.**

If you’re experiencing any issues with your forms since we’ve enabled HTTPS by default, please [let us know](


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