International Merchants Welcome with New Wufoo PayPal Payflow Pro Integration

PayPal Payflow Pro New Integration

While a lot of happy organizations have been using Wufoo to [process online payments](, many of our international customers haven’t been able to use most of our new payment features because most of our supported payment providers focused primarily on American, Canadian and British businesses.

This meant that if you were an international company, you had to use our [PayPal Standard integration](, which resulted in a less than ideal (and professional) experience redirecting customers to []( for processing credit cards.

Well, we know a lot of you out there count on Wufoo to create great looking and professional forms and so we don’t want to leave our international customers hanging. The payment processing discrimination comes to end today as Wufoo now proudly integrates with [PayPal Payflow Pro](

Payflow Pro Screenshot

All of our payment features are compatible with PayPal Payflow Pro, including the ability for your users to experience a [seamless flow from data submission to payment collection]( Payflow Pro does require that you have your own merchant account, but since PayPal works with a [number of international merchant providers](, many countries have the ability to use Payflow Pro.

Please note that if you want to use PayPal as a payment processor and are located in in the United States, Canada, or Great Britain, we do **recommend that you use PayPal Website Payments Pro** instead since it can be a cheaper alternative and has fewer barriers to getting started.


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